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RIP Vine: 5 Accounts to Stalk Before Next Week's Shutdown

Twitter’s step kid is officially getting the boot, and what better way to mourn its departure than with a celebratory roundup of Vine’s best and brightest? As comedians, vloggers, and general Internet personalities, these Viners made six seconds feel like they held within them infinite potential, creating some of the funniest shit we’ve ever seen on the web (no small feat). The end is near, to which we say: you may be gone (not unlike these questionable celeb fashion lines), but you’ll never be forgotten.

Diehard fans needn’t worry, though. Vine will live on as Vine Camera, a new app which will allow its users to film Vine-esque videos and post them to Twitter (or save to their phones), where the videos will loop in the exact same way that they do now. Crisis averted! Scroll for our homage to the kings and queens of Vine-dom, and look out for those loopy vids on Twitter starting sometime this month (likely after the official Vine shutdown on January 17).

Gabriel Gundacker

Gabriel’s MO is, essentially, bored-Chicago-teen-meets-Internet. Think daily chores, dating woes, and all forms of comedy, all satirized to the extreme. A winning combination if there ever was one.

Jay Versace

#runningmanchallenge king Jay Versace throws up daily servings of absolute hilarity (that’s mostly day-to-day commentary, family pains, and inner reflection via selfie vids) to three million followers and counting. RIP his account.

Katie and Ava Ryan

If there were ever a cuter moment than the toddler-pays-homage-to-pizza bit below, we’ve yet to be introduced. Add to this the constant slew of random daily outings narrated by this kid—and filmed by her mom, who makes a once-in-a-while cameo via her off camera laughter (who wouldn’t?)—and you’ve got a match made in Vine heaven.

Unexpected Thug Life

There’s nothing that lifts the spirits quite like apparently mundane happenings turned dope with the addition of hilariously ill-fitting soundtracks that slay. Unexpected Thug Life only has one MO that matters: “You don’t choose the thug life, the thug life chooses you.” Word.

Victor Pope Jr.

Victor Pope Jr. is just your average midwestern guy talking to the Internet (aka, millions of Vine eyeballs) about his life. He gets it just right with this last vid: TFW reality hits and the Vine party’s officially over. We feel your pain. Cheers to you, Vine! It’s been real.

Featured image via YouTube

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