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RiRi’s Dark Side Comes Out: ANTIdiaRY, Room by Room

Rihanna’s interactive website promoting her newest album, ANTIdiaRY, is getting creepier and creepier. Leading up to the ANTI album release, the website takes us through different rooms, getting wilder with each room RiRi reveals. Think The Shining meets American Horror Story. Rih partnered up with Samsung to create the site, which can only be viewed through a mobile phone, projecting a 360-degree visual experience. If you love horror movies, do yourself a favor and get involved.

There are only three rooms left to open in ANTIdiaRY, but now the chilling interactive website has come to life in New York City. Rihanna has put on a scavenger hunt that lets you gather more clues and explore the rooms from the ANTIdiaRY horror fest. The goal of the hunt is to find a key; once you do, you’re instructed to direct message the Twitter account @IAmTheKeyHolder and wait for further instructions. You can stay updated on Rihanna’s cryptic posts through the KeyHolder Instagram,  or follow the entire ANTIdiaRY story on twitter @IAmTheKeyHolder. And here’s the kicker: users who have been through the scavenger hunt will be rewarded with a key that could land you tickets to Rihanna’s ANTI tour.

We went through ANTIdiaRY to get the whole BadGal experience. The Bedroom is first up on the dark site, and there are three clues that unlock RiRi’s mysterious clips. There are classically creepy elements, like antiques and quiet children. A child with a brail-inscribed crown over his eyes first appears here and, like any horror movie, we know this little kid is going to be back to wreak some sort of havoc.

In the second room, titled the Studio, Rihanna entices our audio senses. The neon blue studio is filled with clues to unlock secret messages. They turn brail into cryptic audio tracks of children whispering. Is there anything as creepy as children whispering? Well played, RiRi.

Unlike the Studio, the third room, the Closet, is completely silent. Remember that episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, where everyone in the town of Sunnydale lost their voices and a bunch of ghoulish monsters terrorized the town? Well, if you missed those ghoulish-looking characters, they’re back. In the Closet, they’re dressed like high-class maids, and they’re scary AF. The creepiest one, who has brail tattooed across her face, will definitely haunt me in my dreams tonight. The crowned boy from the first room is back, but see if you can find him yourself–if he doesn’t find you first.

The fourth room, the Tattoo Parlor, looks like a deleted scene from one of the Saw movies (an earlier one –eventually, that horror series took a dark turn you just can’t come back from). In this room you’ll find a prisoner, a large man covered in tattoos. He’s struggling to get out, but what is he escaping from?

Finally, the last open room, The Shell, is where you’ll find a bathtub filled with milky water, surrounded by silhouettes of people behind fogged glass. This time, the little boy is back, and he brought along a special gift. Personally, I’d rather re-gift — you can’t trust the kids from creepy movies.

The first five rooms have us asking a lot of questions: Who is this creepy little boy? What does the brail represent? What are these clues leading to? And, more importantly, where can we get that fierce shade of dark purple lipstick Rihanna is rocking?

Sweet dreams to anyone who looked at this website before bedtime. You may want to sleep with the lights on.

Image via Digital Spy

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