R&B songstress Abir took the horror stories she's heard in line at club bathrooms, set them to a beat, and invited New York's coolest girls to share their own stories. Photo by Cheril Sanchez.



Rising Singer Abir + NYC It Girls Share Bathroom Horror Stories [Exclusive]

At some point during a night of hard partying at your club of choice, you’re going to need to use the bathroom—which means waiting in an endless line of drunk people who are all one cough away from certain doom. Now, you may think there aren’t many upsides to being on the verge of becoming a human Niagara Falls, but then you hear it: the hot, soul-shattering gossip that only comes out at 2AM as you wait in line to empty your bladder at Webster Hall. For Queens-based songstress Abir, that’s exactly what helped her write her new banger, “Girls.”

“I think the wildest thing I’ve ever overheard while in line for the bathroom was probably the moment I heard a drunk girl tell her friend that she’s hooking up with her current boyfriend,” she revealed to us. “That’s when I decided to wait to use the bathroom until I got home.” Most of us would be content to text our friends about an experience as horrifying as that, but the Moroccan-born singer took the experience, wrapped it up in electro R&B sounds, and made a jam that’s all about her right to talk shit.

Now, she’s enlisted the help of some of New York’s coolest girls to bring the song to life—literally. She teamed up with photographer Elijah Domonique and MADE‘s Felipe Medeiros and created gif art that captures the vibes of the only group of ladies you’d actually enjoying standing in line with. The bad bitch club of New York notables posed for the camera and shared their stories about their absolute worst bathroom stories. Check them out below while you blast the track.

Kia Marie

I waiting in this super long line for the bathroom at this club and the girl in front of me, clearly intoxicated, kept screaming about how bad she had to use the bathroom and started doing the ‘pee dance.’ Once she realized her screaming wasn’t making the line move any quicker, she started walking towards the front of the line. I thought she was planning on skipping the line but that wasn’t the case. As soon as she made it to the front of the line, she lifted up her dress and peed in the sink as we all looked in horror. When she was done, she hopped down off the sink and left the bathroom like nothing ever happened. Needless to say, I didn’t use the bathroom that night.


Nadia Azmy

I don’t really have a story, but I’ve noticed that women always use the bathroom for a safe space to do anything–whether it’s fixing themselves up, washing their clothes, or literally hanging out. I think girls find a certain comfort when there’s no filter and the bathroom is intimate enough to hear the person next you vulnerably taking a shit.


Dounia Tazi

The most peculiar conversation I’ve witnessed was in a karaoke bar bathroom in Queens. Everybody was drunk out of their minds, stumbling to the already overwhelming line. A girl in front of me was going on and on about how her Uber driver wouldn’t follow her on Instagram. She then turned around and offered me horse tranquilizer (ketamine) so casually I could’ve sworn it was breath mints. I politely declined, more concerned with reaching the actual bathroom before my bladder exploded, when she non-reluctantly reached over and started braiding my hair. She was doing a decent job and it was pretty hot, so I let her. My sweat soaked do’ definitely made my night cooler. I wonder if she ever got that follow.


Minahil Mahmood

The strangest thing I’ve ever heard in a bathroom was a rap battle. It was at this event there were actually boys in there, too. We were all super drunk and this guy put on a beat and everyone just started rapping their asses off. I wish I could remember some of the exact things said but it’s hard. All I know is we got kicked out after a few minutes. LOL.


Odalys Peña

You know that episode of Orange is the New Black where they talk about where certain holes are in a vagina? Well, I was in Wendy’s one day in their bathroom and had to overhear one of those conversations, but it was pretty hilarious and weird. “How many holes are in the private area? Like, where and how many are there?” Imagine two girls in one bathroom stall looking at each other’s vaginas while they speak about this.


London Ziloh

When I was in high school, my best friend and I were leaving modeling practice and decided to stop to use the restroom. Before I could walk into one of the stalls there was a bloody pad stuck on the stall door. It was so wild! I ran out and found a janitor, the pad was removed but I just couldn’t help but wonder why would someone think that was ok. I can never forget it, I’m stuck with the memory.


Rhea Carter

I can’t think of any particular incident that occurred while in the bathroom, but I can say my best experiences have been in Milk’s lower level bathroom. At some point in the night during a event, I found myself posted in the bathroom with a bunch of other girls taking selfies and Snapchats and taking the time to make fun of the boys in the boys’ bathroom, since you can see directly into their sink area through the glass. They never seem like they’re having as much fun as we do in the bathroom. The girls’ bathroom is secretly a mini party with the best rule ever: No guys allowed. =)


Ashley Outrageous

It was the night I was at Radio City for Bryson Tiller. I was with five of my friends and once the show was over, we headed to the bathroom (all together of course)! While in line, there was another group of girls and one might’ve had a bit too many drinks. While using the bathroom, she was shouting about anything and everything. She ended up leaving her phone in the stall and started an argument with her boyfriend outside of the door.


Ellis Claire

The funniest thing that ever happened to me in a bathroom was when I saw a girl take out a live kitten out of her bag and feed it. It was so strange!


Selangie Arlene

I attended a fashion industries high school and it was like 90% girls, so there was always something going on in the girls’ bathroom. Once, I walked in to wash my hands and saw a girl go through her friend’s bag and leave it unattended after she found what she was looking for. When I went back to my locker, the girl whose bag it was was going crazy in the hallway cause her so-called “friend” stole her money and left school! It was insane and such a strange predicament because I witnessed it happen, but didn’t really know much. 


Stay tuned to Milk for more bathroom stories.

Photos by Cheril SanchezElijah Domonique and Ant Blue Jr. 

GIFs by Filipe Medeiros

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