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Rochambeau Channels The Rolling Stones' Exile In Morocco

If you could only use one word to describe Rochambeau’s SS17 runway show, it would be “cheery.” The whole show was brimming with happiness, from the bright colors of the garments to the palm frond-covered set. Even the dark black eyeliner on some of the models (most notably featured on Justin Gossman, whom we recently profiled) couldn’t tamp out the joy. The Rochambeau boys may be born-and-bred New Yorkers, but they really have us ready for the beach.

The collection was heavily inspired by Morocco; in particular, it was inspired by the Rolling Stones’ legendary trip to Marrakech in 1967. The North African influence was everywhere. On the whole, the collection looked a bit like the Stones went surfing while in exile. Not a bad look. Key garments included silk bombers, patterned, oversized tunics, and even a giant fez.

We spoke to Rochambeau designer Joshua Cooper backstage to get the low down on the clothes.

A fez!
A fez!

Tell me a little bit about the collection. 

The collection is heavily based on artists in exile. Specifically, we looked at Rolling Stones from the ‘60s and ‘70s when they had to leave London. Things were really heating up and management was like, “You gotta get out of town.” They ended up in Morocco and we were really looking at how their dress changed.

I love the casting of the show. I feel like you got a really interesting diverse group. Could you tell me a little bit about the thought behind it?

I think a lot of times we kind of rebelled against what’s the norm. A lot of the guys we work with, we worked with through a few seasons. We’re really about loyalty. We like guys that really fit the vibe and like our brand. So, we’ve returned to that and then we also worked with some global artists: Grear Patterson, a couple local skaters who are good friends, Eli Reed, Tyler Golden. We try to mix it up. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a model for it to be the Rochambeau vibe.

Great. And where do you think the best place to wear this collection would be? Besides Morocco.

Morocco [Laughs]. I mean it’s great for the city in the summer, but also Miami, L.A., anywhere where there’s a beach nearby.

It feels very California, but you guys are New Yorkers.

We’re New Yorkers, but we love L.A. I have a lot of friends out there. So, anything the guys can wear on the beach, Venice Beach, whatever Malibu, we feel comfortable with.

Stay tuned to Milk for more exiled creatives.

All photos shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle.

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