Rapper Rockie Fresh backstage at his recent show at New York's Webster Hall. We're pleased to premiere his latest video, embedded in the text below.



Rockie Fresh: The Rick Ross-Endorsed Rapper You Need To Know [Premiere]

Chicago-born rapper Rockie Fresh just turned 25 four days ago, a date that coincided with the wrap up of his tour–the dude just coursed through Chicago, LA, and New York. He’s signed to the iconic Rick Ross’ record label, Maybach Music Group, and also just so happens to be BFFs with Mr. Rozay himself. In short, Rockie has a Rolodex of hot music connections that anyone in the industry would kill for. If you don’t feel like a lazy sack of potatoes just yet, read on.

In the past month alone, Fresh dropped three new mixtapes based on another mixtape, The Night I Went To…, in which he pays tribute to the three cities he recently performed in, traveling to each one to record his music and enlisting the chops of native artists. Among the impressive list of talents he solicited are Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, and Wiz Khalifa. Above all, Rockie’s music is slick, laid-back, and sexy when you least expect it. An unequivocally solid pick for when you’re looking for an empowering track to help you face the world each morning.

Milk is pleased to debut Rockie Fresh’s new video for “I Need.” It’s the perfect 4/20 jam, complete with cameos from Ross and rapper Casey Veggies. Check it out, and read on for the artist’s pre-show rituals, what it was like to collaborate with huge stars, and what he wanted us to get him for his birthday.

Congrats on your last show at Webster Hall. How was it? How was the crowd?

It was fun. I had a good time. I got a lot of support from people in New York and we also had a lot of people come from [out of town], so it was real cool. I enjoyed it.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I just drink Jameson and smoke a couple blunts and then say a prayer before.

Can you explain the idea behind the different The Night I Went To… mixtapes?

I basically did these mini-projects, like mini-mixtapes, that I put out as an extension of the main project that I dropped earlier this year called The Night I Went To… I just did a three-show series in New York, LA, and Chicago in which I dropped mixes featuring artists in those cities. The New York one is gonna be coming out really soon. So, we’re finishing up that now so we can get that to the people. That was a little play that we did to help promote the music and shows.

I like the whole idea that each mixtape is catered towards a different city.

Pretty much my whole career I’ve always been touring. I just spent a lot of nights in a lot of different cities and got inspired to make music in each of those places and I didn’t want to box it into one specific location, so I just named it The Night I Went To… The music was made in different cities and then I decided to break it down [into] mini-projects [that] highlight some of the key places I do my best work.

Rockie Fresh preparing for a New York show. His backstage rituals include “Jameson and a couple blunts.”

Do you have a favorite city out of LA, New York, and Chicago? Although you’re probably biased because you’re from Chicago.

Yeah, I’m kind of biased. But you gotta see new things. I’ve been living in Chicago my whole life and I still live there now. So right now LA is one of my favorite places to work. I like being in New York a lot too, but I gotta say LA is one of my favorite places to make music right now.

Do you have any idea on what city you want to tackle next?

No, I’m not sure yet. We’re planning out the tour. Obviously, you know, it would be kind of hard for me to drop like 50 mixtapes for all 50 states, but I also want to touch on a few of them, so I don’t know which one I’m gonna do next, but I’m definitely going to drop some more throughout the course of this year. Fans can definitely look out for that.

You’ve collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross on a few songs, right?

Yeah. It’s amazing. Collaborating with Wiz is very similar to collaborating with Chris [Brown] in the sense that, you know, I’m a huge Wiz fan, so that was really dope. We actually got to hang out a couple times too, so I enjoyed that a lot. And Ross is like my brother. That’s who I’m signed to and he’s like one of my best friends. I got so much music with him already that hasn’t even come out yet and just the stuff that we have put out, it’s always like a cool moment for me every time we get to drop something.

Rockie Fresh performing at New York’s Webster Hall. The crowd was wild.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of people that I’ve always dreamed about working with. John Mayer [is someone] I have a pretty close relationship with, but haven’t actually been able to make music with. So I’m definitely hoping that we actually get to make something. I think that would be crazy. Also, Kanye is somebody that I met, you know in passing, but I haven’t really ever got to work with him, so I would love [to do that].

That would be so tight. Even with John Mayer, I feel he’s been lurking in the shadows lately. It would be really cool if you brought him out and made some awesome mix with him.

Yeah, hopefully I can make that happen. John, I’m looking for you, so you know, if you see this, come holler at me. You got my number.

Rockie Fresh performing at Webster Hall.
Rockie Fresh performing at Webster Hall.

So, your birthday is coming up—do you have any wild plans?

I’m going to be out in LA probably, so I don’t know what I’m going to get into. You gonna get me something for my birthday?

I want to. Maybe some bath oils or something? Some nice soaps? Is that what you’re into? I’m completely joking.

Nah, I’m definitely into that. You gotta stay fresh out here for sure.

[Laughs] That’s awesome. I’m pretty sure you’d have a wild time in LA. I’ve never been, but it sounds like the best.

You gotta come out here one day, let us know when you’re around. Show you a good time.

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All photos shot exclusively for Milk by Ali Reza Malik.

Stay tuned to Milk for more musicians to look out for, as well as more 4/20 grooviness.

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