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1/5 — If you manage not to stab yourself in the eye while riding in a moving car, that's a win.



Running Late? Here's How To Do Your Makeup In A Cab

Have you ever overslept for work? Perhaps you couldn’t find your keys or one pair of matching socks. Maybe you woke up in an unfamiliar apartment with mascara in your hair. You have about T minus three minutes to get yourself out of the house, which leaves you with exactly zero seconds to put your face on. What do you do?

Thankfully, in big cities like New York, you have options—namely, the train and taxis. While both aren’t exactly ideal locales for beautification, sometimes you just have to make do with what you have, which is oftentimes a bag of miscellaneous makeup and the iPhone selfie function. Here, we put forth a guide for how to do your makeup on the go. Your fellow commuters might hate you, but you’ll look fabulous.


On the subway, it’s all about respect for one’s fellow passengers. While you might get a few judgmental looks, putting on makeup isn’t really an invasion of anyone’s space. It’s not like you’re the guy in the corner munching on a particularly malodorous tuna melt. Try to apply while the train is moving, and do it in brief spurts, so that you’re not jolted by a sudden stop.

Focus on skin and lips, as application of eye makeup requires you to stick out your elbows. You don’t want to stab an old lady in the face whilst trying to get the perfect cat eye. One time I was near a model, who was dancing like she was having a seizure and hitting me incessantly with her elbows—so much so that I woke up the next day covered in purple bruises. Lesson learned: elbow stabbing is no joke!

If it’s super crowded on the train, and you have impressive skills and impressive bosoms, then you can always try for Molly Ringwald’s lipstick trick from The Breakfast Club. You won’t get in anyone’s way, and you can use your hands to hang on to the pole. The subway perv may gawk, but that’s usually the price you have to pay for efficiency.


As with most expensive things, cabs are much easier to work with. There is space! Privacy! A driver who probably won’t notice or care as you smear goop all over your epidermis! It’s heaven. As long as you stay alert, there’s really nothing you can’t accomplish—just be sure to keep an eye out for red lights and pedestrians, as a sudden stop can turn a smokey eye into a burnt and charred eye.

Like the subway, it’s best to focus on skin and lips. A phone in selfie mode always works, but in a taxi you have the added bonus of the plastic barrier between yourself and the driver, which you can use as a mirror. It’s perfect for quickly swiping bronzer and highlighter across your cheekbones—and you don’t even have to take your headphones off.

When it’s time for eyes, you want to be strategic about your cabbie’s position. If they’re on a nice, open stretch of road, you should be able to apply smoothy. But if you’re in bustling city traffic, you want to apply just a millimeter at a time. Save mascara for when it’s time to pay and the prospect of short stops are behind you; try taking a few seconds before swiping your credit card to apply a couple coats.

And then you are finished! Beautiful! Beat traffic, and your face! No one will ever be the wiser. And if worse comes to worse, just remember: sunglasses cover up a lot of imperfections.

Taxi Look: All clothing Area

Subway Look: Marna Ro silk bomber, Area top, Vintage Chanel pants, Margiela shoes, Vintage Judith Leiber purse

All products Milk Makeup

Photographer: Brooke Gardiner

Stylist: Mel’Renee

Makeup Artist: Yuui

Model: Hannah Park

Producers: Rachel Hodin and Jocelyn Silver

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