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Runway Rundown: Dion Lee Gets Scrambled

Dion Lee’s Fall/Winter ‘16 collection, presented this morning at MADE Fashion Week, was a futuristic fantasy.

The Look Lowdown…

It was a mix of futuristic, utilitarian sensibility meets the downtown art scene, with a dash of glitter thrown in, because who doesn’t love glitter? Like if everyone from The Giver was really rad and frequented Lower East Side galleries that were actually out in the middle of the Milky Way.

It’s in the Details…

I’m not usually one for pleats—they tend to remind of dad khakis—but the pleated shoulders on several of the pieces were next level. Power shoulders are back, baby.

The Song Picks We Had to Shazam…

The show music was curated by Dolce London, who selected sounds from Brooklyn band BLACK MARBLE. The pulsating synths and brooding vocals in “Pretender” and “Uk” were moody but cute, like your high school boyfriend.

Need It Now…

Lee took the bomber jacket to the next level. Shown in navy and a dark green khaki, the military staple was given a luxe makeover with a fur-lined collar and a double zipper that was fastened at the top and left open, just how Snoop Dogg likes to wear it.

The Takeaway…

Lee’s latest collection felt more New York than seasons past—a bit edgier, cooler. The sculptural silhouettes were crisp and clean without feeling cold, thanks to the rich fabrics and subtle details, from fur trim and bull ring closures to delicate crystal stripes. Bling bling.

Check out our full recap of the collection here

Gif artwork by Kathryn Chadason.

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