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Runway Rundown: Gucci's Style Kaleidoscope

Alessandro Michele showed up big this season at Milan Fashion Week with his Fall 2017 collection for Gucci. Replete of eclectic, disjointed textures and cultural prints, this fashion kaleidoscope was a symbolic look at the endless intertwining roots of fashion and its influence on style today. Michele’s retrospective presentation, titled “The Alchemist’s Garden”, displayed nostalgic looks from past and presently trending pieces with creative and somewhat in-your-face futuristic vibes. A model donning a Grey Gardens Little Edie-esque ensemble launched the presentation, with other models following in period gowns and intricate jackets constructed with expert precision. The show continued with a few punk looks as well as a couple of head-to-toe glitter body suits, and finally came full circle with a dress printed with the alien abduction scene straight out of your worst nightmare. Eclectic might not be strong enough a word. 

It almost seems as if this menagerie is not a collection at all, but the perfect case study as to how we should all consume fashion. The dense layers of reference and trend on Gucci’s runway are the unpredictable moments fashion desperately needed.  You can’t help but fantasize along with this presentation as a piece of art inspired by the vast, inconceivable theory of time and the ever-present, ever-relevant notion that history repeats itself; a magical reminder that you can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style.

Images via Vogue Runway

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