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Runway Rundown: Gypsy Sport's Powerful Social Statement [NYFW]

Gypsy Sport’s 2017 RTW collection is an empowered, comprehensive statement that overtly denounces the social norm of ignoring or neglecting homeless youth. The runway, lined with pitched tents, becomes a gallant celebration inclusive of a diverse cast of unruly models; one girl snatched a spectators phone from his hands and walked it down the runway while snapping selfies, for example.  The inspiring amount of representation Gypsy Sport hosted on the NYFW platform should be recognized as a major feat for this season. Their much-needed showcasing that fashion is a host to every color, all gender identities, body types and social politics unequivocally raises the middle finger to any that are saying otherwise. The typical uses of fabrics like camouflage, crushed velvet, jersey and tie-dye are flipped on their heads; instead of being conveyed as thrifty or throwback, it feels celebratory and youthful, like when you’re a child and you use whatever you can find to play dress-up.

Imagine if we challenged the fashion industry to promote style as “what you have” instead of “this is what you need.” What if self-image and creativity were expressed freely instead of fabricated and censored? It’s 2017. We all do better when we all do better.

Images via NY Mag/The Cut

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