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Runway Rundown: Libertine's Ultra Stylized Pop Art Punk Glamour [NYFW]

Current street style has been stuck in the ’90s for a couple years now, so seeing Libertine’s 2017 runway collection is a refreshing glimpse of the next wave to takeover: pre-punk, punk. The end of Andy Warhol’s reign in 1960s New York gave this city (and its muses) an original crew of inspired designers and artists, all of whom took their new-found inheritance and expanded to an incredible degree the definition of pop culture. Certain pieces in Libertine’s lineup practically scream pop art glamour styled with floral and animal prints, while others feel more rockstar with flames and geometric repetition. The embroidery and patchwork adds a crispness of sophistication to the what could easily be comprehensive, plain-old punk, instead elevated by Libertine’s stylized grace. 

Designer Johnson Hartig has made his collection so stylized, in fact, that (with great applause) it’s hard to find any casual or unthought element within his palette. Libertine is raising the bar of expectation for the image that a “cool kid” must maintain; one automatically feels post-show that owning a chic, black cape embroidered with the phrases “neat” and “don’t bug me!” and “birthday party,” is all but compulsory. Like the rest of the collection, it’s youthful, it’s amusing, and it’s really fucking cool. What’s not to love? 

Images courtesy of Tyra Mitchell

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