Scrambled Telfar goes best with a side of bacon.



Runway Rundown: Telfar Gets Scrambled

After wading through tracksuit stripes, jumping over Vetements sleeves, and dodging what looked like The Flintstone’s Bamm-Bamm, the lights dimmed on Telfar’s MADE Fashion Week Fall/Winter ’16 show. To the tune of an alarmingly tranquil woman announcing the looks as they appeared on the runway, boys decked in simple looks of a clay tennis court shade, white, and black strode down the runway. Peruse the highlights below.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

Among the many looks that were seared into our memories was an all-clay-colored pants and cropped jacket set that, from afar, looked like leather, but was actually waxed denim.

We Spied…

Aside for the fugitive Bamm-Bamm, there were small Telfar logos whittled into little necklace charms and stud earrings.

Adding to Our Shopping List…

The knit bucket hats, which will, coincidentally, find itself on many a fuccchild’s bucket list.

It’s in the Details…

The knits, chunky like clam chowder (sorry), were actually made out of t-shirt material. Also of note were the slits at the front of the tailored sweatpants that revealed contrasted colors, as well as the handbags, which were really three different colored bags in one.

The Surreal Soundtrack…

Yeah, so that supremely serene, if slightly sedated, female voiceover I was telling you about? Pretty sure she was snatched right out of Her, and may or may not have lost her virginity virtually, and to Joaquin Phoenix. That is all.

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GIF art by Kathryn Chadason. 

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