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Runway Rundown: threeASFOUR Gets Scrambled

Before the lights even went down at the MADE Fashion Week threeASFOUR Fall/Winter ’16 show toady, a lady stepped out onto the runway wearing an elaborate du-rag, with her entire body snug inside full-body, leather pantyhose that weren’t so much fishnet as they were a lattice. As soon as she started crawling on the floor like Gollum, I knew this was going to be good. What followed was a sinister yet admittedly stylish game of musical chairs. Models dressed in black, highly avant-garde pieces that ran the gamut from a structural beehive-looking dress to a scaled garment that very closely resembled a bird, and one particularly memorable dress that looked like a chiseled version of Sigourney Weaver’s alien nemesis. Most of the clothes were 3D printed, and all of them should be finding their way to Maleficent’s shopping cart very soon.

The designs and the show were a nice respite from the trend-heavy clothes that riddle fashion week and the unshakably self-important attitudes that inhabit it. But then again, what else would you expect from a seasoned designer trio that, more often than not, incorporate their disparate religions into their designs in an attempt to fight religious stereotypes and xenophobia? (Now say that five times fast.)

The Takeaway…

According to the show notes, the collection was about biomimicry—and I definitely see it. Running with that theme, the numbers that were scrawled on the models’ cheeks evoked dehumanization. Either this was a statement on the detrimental powers of discrimination, or a District 9 prawn found its way onto the threeASFOUR Fall/Winter ’16 mood board.

We Spied…

A lot, to be quite honest. But if we had to narrow it down: pants with a different fabric for each leg, samurai style ponytails, and shoes that looked as if they were growing Lady Gaga’s horns.

We Couldn’t Believe When…

The “Lord of the Missing Chair,” as she was dubbed, perfectly captured our fifth day of fashion week blues in an undulating and convulsing interpretive dance.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

The chiseled alien look, which figuratively “gave us life,” but also literally gave us life in the form of a dinosaur tail-shaped extraterrestrial.

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

To Hades. We hear they’re throwing a fab, end-of-fashion-week rager.

GIF art by Kathryn Chadason.

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