Ryan Gosling + jackets = our faith that Blade Runner will be amazing.



Ryan Gosling to Star in Blade Runner 2: An Ode to His Jackets

Throughout the past year we’ve been bombarded with news of remake after remake after remake of some of the most cherished culture classics. Some we’ve met with skepticism, other with various degrees of excitement, but none are as highly-anticipated as the news that Ryan Gosling is set to star in the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Before you huff and puff and think we’re under some Gosling spell (you’re half right btw, I mean, have you stared into those baby blues?), there are various reasons why this news is very promising.

First of all, Harrison Ford is still gonna play Rick Deckard, so this won’t be one of those horrendous instances where one role is played by two different actors who look nothing alike. Second, Ridley Scott is rumored to be heading the production aspect, which hopefully will ensure that the new version has no corny v/o or cheesy ‘riding off into the sunset’ ending. But most of all, we’re excited because we’ll probably get to see Ryan Gosling in a few jackets, and I think we can all agree that the man knows how to wear a jacket. Need proof, or simply need a dosage of our favorite Canadian? We gotchu. Without further ado, here is an ode to Ry Gos’ film jackets. #GosBless

Ryan Gosling as a Sexy Driver

Who else can turn a window frame into an aphrodisiac?

We can start with the most obvious one because, well, it’s the most obvious one. Love it or hate it, the 2011 Nicolas Winding Refn film Drive brought back a Ry Gos idolatry revolution that we hadn’t really seen since he first blew up with the release of The Notebook – and for good reason. Not only is the Driver a man of few words (which gives him an air of mystery), but he also has a wardrobe as slick as his driving skills. Every single scene does Gosling justice, but no jacket has created as much furor since James Dean’s red one as the white silk bomber with a gold scorpion emblem has. Replicas are not hard to find nowadays, but naturally no one can pull it off with as much ease, coolness, and downright sex appeal as the Driver can. Swoon.

Ryan Gosling as a Sexy Good Guy Who’ll Raise Someone Else’s Baby

The only way to watch Blue Valentine is turning it off 30 minutes before it ends.
The only way to watch Blue Valentine is turning it off 30 minutes before it ends.

“Hey girl, I know this isn’t my baby but I love you and I’ll love it just the same.” So would read the meme to the heartbreaking Blue Valentine – a movie so cruel that juxtaposes the sexiest boyfriend goals-RG with a washed out loser husband-RG. There’s no denying that by the end of the 2010 drama (with a capital D) you are left kneeling over the sink washing dishes with your own tears, but the part of the movie that shows the good side of love is pretty much what dreams are made of. Gosling and Michelle Williams both give knockout performances, but the real star of the film might be Ryan’s leather moto jacket with red and white panel accents (don’t forget the black hoodie underneath). We’ve had many fantasies of Dean cradling us in those leather arms under the romantic lights of the bus.

Ryan Gosling as a Sexy Rich Guy from the Bar

Very few men can keep whites white and reenact Dirty Dancing in the same night.
Very few men can keep whites white and reenact Dirty Dancing in the same night.

The beauty about Ryan’s (we call him Ryan now) filmography is that there is a different flavor for every different taste, which means those of you who prefer a well-groomed version are probably big fans of Crazy, Stupid, Love. Jacob is a rich guy who specializes in getting laid and being suave, so who could have been a better pick to fill the role than the one and only actor who won’t eat his cereal? With suits tailored to buttery perfection, and the most GQ worthy sunglasses, Gosling takes us on a ride of laughs and multiple orgasms – particularly when he’s donning that crisp all-white bomber. Not to mention that his chemistry with Emma Stone makes him that much hotter. I mean, really though, has seeing someone eat pizza ever wanted to make you take your clothes off before you watched this movie? Probably not, which is why this film needs to be part of the Criterion Collection.

Ryan Gosling as a Sexy Tattooed Biker Criminal

Gos bless us all!
We would ride that.

The first thing I said when I finished watching The Place Beyond the Pines was: Bradley Cooper is hot until you put him in the same movie as Ryan Gosling. #SorryNotSorry. I mean, who knew that the only way to make the Canadian brooder any hotter was to cover him up with tattoos and slap a red leather jacket on his back. Sure, the character of Luke has a lot of similarities with the Driver, but hey, we’re ok with that – I mean if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Special shout-out to the 2002 flick Murder by Numbers, which was the first to prove that red leather + Ryan Gosling is a better combo than popcorn and soda.

Ryan Gosling as a (Not So Sexy But Still Kind of) Sexy Guy Who Falls in Love with a Doll

Before Drake wore dad jackets, the Gos blessed us all with this one.
Before Drake wore dad jackets, the Gos blessed us all with this one.

Lars and the Real Girl is a testament that even a pudgy, puffy-jacket donning Ry Ry is incomparable. Sure, his two-tone blue and beige jacket might not be as fresh as the rest of the sartorial picks on this list, but Lars’ unbelievably adorable personality (plus the devotion and love he shows for the life-seized doll Bianca) make us forget that his clothing piece of choice is something that was probably discarded from the Hotline Bling style rack. We don’t get to see Gos’ worldwide famous chiseled body in this film, but the adorable smile that is plastered on his rounded-out face makes us think of a doughnut. And we’re ok with that. I mean, we have to start putting on our winter weight some day, right?

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