BETWEEN FRIENDS is creating a barrier-free space for the group's sound and vision to flourish organically—without limitation or restraint.



Savannah Hudson's New Collective Is Dismantling Exclusivity

BETWEEN FRIENDS is a collective started by siblings Savannah & Brandon Hudson with drummer Brennan Benko. Formerly known as the band The Heirs, the group decided to start anew by creating a barrier-free space for their sound and vision to flourish organically—without limitation or restraint. Thus, The Heirs dismantled the idea that they could only exist exclusively as a band, and their multifaceted art collective BETWEEN FRIENDS was born. Today, the artists are celebrating the release of their first single since the creation of their new collective. Take a look at what Savannah, Brandon, and Brennan had to say about their new song, “iloveyou”, and listen to the track for yourself below.

You released a new song! Can you tell me what it is about and how you were inspired to write it?

We’ve grown a lot recently, started bringing everything we love back home, back to our roots. Making everything in house has always been a goal of ours and having the creative freedom we desired really opened up our options. We have so many songs and visuals ready to go, ready to come out and we are so excited to make more. “iloveyou” was the first song we created for our project BETWEEN FRIENDS, and we wanted it to feel like the intro into our consciousness, a tour of this past summer from our perspectives. Real life hot wheels and night swims.

What did the writing process for this song look like, and did it at all differ from your song writing process in the past? 

It took place mainly in our backyard, we had a bass and an old drum machine and started humming along to the noise.

Given the vast restructuring your group has recently undergone with the creation of BETWEEN FRIENDS, how do you hope this new song and sound will be received? 

We are approaching our releases more casually, we want to give what we create rather than sitting on it for years and years. Our initial hope was that our friends liked it and once we got their approvals we knew it was right for our project. Over the summer we crowd tested our songs, not with industry people, but mainly with friends of ours and kids our age at parties. I think it connects and lives in those moments.

What prompted this change and how did you decide on the name BETWEEN FRIENDS?

We’ve always tried to recognize that change is inevitable, we have evolved so much since being involved in our past projects and this just felt right for us. No boxes, no barriers, just creative freedom. Bringing what we’ve always fantasized into our home and hopefully into yours as well.

What can we expect from the collective BETWEEN FRIENDS that we may not have necessarily seen with the band The Heirs? 

Consistent content. Videos and songs monthly.

Featured image & video courtesy of Yasmine Diba

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