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Science Says All Women Attracted To Other Women, No One Is Hetero

What started with a binary turned into a spectrum, and it’s safe to say sexuality has now jumped off any linear plane. In a recent study, one of the binaries, one end of the spectrum, a point on the infinitesimal sphere of sexuality – whatever you want to call it – has been claimed null and void. According to a recent experiment, straight women don’t exist anymore, and female sexuality is even more complicated than previously thought.

In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, experimenters found that women who call themselves straight are turned on by more than just men and are, “on average, physiologically sexually aroused to both male and female sexual stimuli.” In the study, female subjects were shown a variety of sexual stimuli (aka porn) and recorded on how hot and bothered they got. One part of the study looked at pupil dilation, which goes hand in hand with sexual arousal. Female pupils grew big and wide regardless of the stimuli presented – male or female. You can say you’re straight, but the proofs in the pupils.


It’s a declarative statement to say straight females don’t exist, but looking around it actually has some merit. There are plenty of women who are attracted to gay men and other women despite a mostly straight orientation.

Last month, Broadly published an article on women who use Grindr. For one woman, what started out as unsatisfactory online dating on straight sites quickly turned to surprisingly satisfactory results on some gay ones. Some women who use Grindr identify as queer, but many others are straight women looking for bi-curious men, and if nothing else at least a top notch GBF. Whether it’s the challenge of chasing a new orientation that peaks their interest, or just a preference for a sculpted classic Grindr-style physique over dad bods, there’s definitely growing intrigue in the pursuit.


Females turned on by gay “stimuli” also run and follow pornographic Tumblr pages. By the looks of female Tumblr porn, women love to look at other women’s bodies too. Beyond scrolling and reposting to an infinite abyss, straight women are turning to the world of male erotica for an alternative form of sexual release. And more women read and write male erotica than men, finding the thought of two men more attractive than a heterosexual couple or even two women. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the book covers have exceptionally good looking dudes on the front.

All kinds of anatomy are fascinating and apparently equally hot. Heterosexual women aren’t simply attracted to heterosexual men, and the scope of sexuality seems to be bigger and badder in the best kind of way. In the study and the parallels of reality, its hard to pinpoint female sexual orientation as a simple A to B, so the concept of “straight” is proving less and less sufficient for the scope of things that turn women on. Be it gay men, bi-sexual men, lesbians, or anything in-between, sexuality is a weird and complicated thing that isn’t easily reduced to a strict set of turn-ons–nor should it be. There ain’t no shame in a little sexual fluidity.

Check out the full study here.

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