A painting by Scott Campbell.



Get A Free Tattoo By Scott Campbell At Milk

Tattoo artist to the stars Scott Campbell is a man of many talents. He tattoos! He paints! He sculpts! He is also very cool. The intimidating kind of cool that comes with an asymmetrical haircut and several stick ‘n’ pokes. So when he came to the Milk Gallery with a crazy idea, we were all in.

For an installation-slash-performance piece entitled “Whole Glory,” Campbell will be tattooing people’s arms through a hole in one of his paintings, i.e. totally blind tattooing. He won’t see or communicate with whomever he is tattooing, so each tattoo will be wholly up to the artist. Bonus–they will all be done for free. As Campbell’s fine art will also be on display, “Glory” is a fascinating combination of two very different aspects of his career.

From Thursday to Sunday, anyone can come in off the street and receive a coveted Scott Campbell original. The recipients will be selected via a lottery that starts each day at 9AM and ends at 2:45PM. We’ll definitely be in line. If his tattoos are good enough for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Courtney Love, they’re good enough for us.

Whole Glory will be open to the public at from November 12-15 at the Milk Gallery, 450 West 15th Street. Get in line, and stay tuned for our interview with Scott tomorrow. 

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