Scott Campbell, shot with his 'Whole Glory' installation at his studio in Brooklyn. Starting today, Campbell will be doing his custom blind tattooing once again, this time in LA.



Scott Campbell's Blind Tattooing Installation Heads To Los Angeles

There are a lot of glory holes spread across the United States, from nondescript rest stop bathrooms to the second floor men’s room in The Strand bookstore. Yet no hole is more glorious than the one that artist and tattoo legend Scott Campbell is sitting behind in Los Angeles right now at the raw space of Shinola’s future Arts District Store. The artist has been tattooing for years, working everywhere from his New York parlor Saved Tattoo to an actual Mexican prison—this isn’t Campbell’s first time at the glory hole rodeo, and it may not be his last. In November of last year, the artist took up residency in our Milk Gallery for an exhibition he called Whole Glory, which involved a ballsy group of strangers lining up around the block to stick their appendages into a hole for art. For four days, he tattooed strangers whose arms slide through the hole with whatever design he wanted. Like most things Campbell does, it turned out beautifully.

One of Campbell’s custom tattoos from the last installment of ‘Whole Glory.’

“It was interesting to have this intimate connection with these people and not even know their face,” Campbell told us after finishing up his final tattoo. “From my side, I felt there was this understanding between us: ‘I acknowledge the gesture of you putting your arm through that hole, and I’m going to take care of you.’” Now, the artist has taken up residency in Los Angeles to take care of the punk holdouts and juice-cleansed residents of the City of Angels, all of whom are fiending for fresh ink as part of Milk and Shinola’s second installment of Whole Glory. If the first installment from November is any indication, it’ll be at least twice as clean and respectable as the last glory hole you found yourself at.

Campbell’s wife Lake Bell, sticking her arm through ‘Whole Glory’ at Milk Studios NY.

If you’re ready to give up your body for art and are enjoying the sunrays beaming through the palm trees in L.A. this weekend, you can head over to Shinola DTLA at 825 E. 3rd Street from Friday, June 10th to Sunday, June 12th between 10:00AM and 7:00PM to enter Campbell’s Whole Glory.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Scott Campbell and glory holes.

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