See the Gifs Too Freaky to Air on MTV

Since it first hit screens in the summer of 1981, MTV has been a daring enterprise. Be it showing ridiculously controversial music videos like Nine Inch NailsCloser and Eminem’s Stan or plummeting reality TV to new highs (lows?) with the likes of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, the network has earned a deserved reputation for being racy and boundary-pushing. What then, would the music channel possibly say ‘no, too much’ too?

The answer, apparently, are these gifs of pop stars in psychedelic nightmare-scapes. Commissioned from South American creative studio Le Cube, these gifs were meant to appear during commercial breaks in between your repeat viewings of The Hills. But after seeing the final product, MTV gathered its lawyers, and the PR reps for the artists depicted flat-out refused to accept them.

Luckily for us, Le Cube released the gifs unto the world. The ads are like a bad acid trip version of MTV—Miley Cyrus eats flies with an amphibian tongue, Justin Bieber melts his flesh off with a hairdryer, Kanye makes out with Kanye. Okay, the last one is more appealing than horrifying, but we certainly see where MTV was coming from. Feast your eyes on the horror, and forever satisfy your curiosity about how Nicki Minaj looks when she’s straddling a washing machine.

Check out Le Cube’s website here.

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