#Selfiestickaerobics - Your New Favorite Workout

Working out can be frustrating and boring, and the #fitspo tag on Instagram can be pretty dispiriting. Luckily, LA-based artist Arvida Byström might have the solution. This is for all you boys and girls who want to look your best, but don’t want to get all sweaty and gross. Grab your iPhone, put on your favorite velour tracksuit, and get ready for #selfiestickaerobics.

The video is set to twinkly synths and dreamy vocals, against a bubblegum-pink background. Byström and collaborator Boothbitch gyrate and flex alongside floating 3D images of lipstick and Diva Cups. In a way that’s half super-creepy and half super-cute, they take us step by step through the best selfie poses, including the all-important #belfie. Pop your hips, pose, and click, click, click, click.

It seems silly, but Byström wants us to know that she is all about body positivity. At the end of the workout, she brings us back to earth, and asks us to repeat to ourselves: “I am beautiful, and everyone around me is beautiful.” Now, that’s a fitness regimen we can get behind.

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