Seriously, WTF dude.



Sexist CNN Guest Says he Only Believes in "The First Amendment And Boobs"

Conservatives have said some pretty stupid things on National TV before. However, this is an all-new level of WTF. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin quickly ended a segment Friday after panelist Clay Travis repeatedly expressed his love for the “First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin expressed her disgust on the broadcast, saying “she couldn’t believe he had the audacity to speak like that on live national television.”

Travis, who previously worked for Fox Sports, has gone on to say that CNN was “triggered” by his comments when really they were simply irrelevant and misogynistic. A rep for Fox Sports told THR, “In response to Clay Travis’ appearance on CNN today, his comments were inappropriate. Clay Travis has not worked at FOX Sports for six months and is a syndicated talent of Premiere Networks.” When the President himself can be taped saying he “grabs women by the pussy” and can still get elected, “Conservative” standards really have gone out the window.

Maybe next time, keep your stupid comments to yourself, bro.

Image via The Hollywood Reporter

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