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Shopping at The 99 Cent Store with Vanna Youngstein

Cutie (patootie) Vanna Youngstein is a sort of quiet legend in New York. She’s the type who possesses an innate sense of style that combines her British roots with a kawaii sensibility. Kind of like a Fiorucci angel, all grown up—like a ray of light that just happens to be around six-feet-tall and look really good in a miniskirt, knee highs, and a vintage varsity jacket. So it only makes sense that she would eventually put her styling finesse and superior taste to good use.

An image from jewelry designer Jiwinaia’s new lookbook, styled by Vanna and shot by Petra Collins.

Most recently, Youngstein styled the Carly Rae Jepsen music video for “Boy Problems,” a Gucci-ridden short film starring Gia Coppola, Tracy Antonopoulos, and Asli Baykal; and—just in case you had any doubts about whether she’s cooler than you—the Fetty Wap music video for “Wake Up.” And now, with her line of “Cherry Baby” tees, she’s slowly dipping her feet into the design pool too.

We caught up with Youngstein at the 99 cent store in Union Square, which we documented in the Polaroids above. Take a look-see, ogle the beauty, and then look out for more from our excursion with New York’s finest Brit.

All photos of Vanna taken exclusively for Milk by Emily Spinner. Image from Jiwinaia lookbook shot by Petra Collins.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on our favorite young artists. 

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