Ashley Smith at FYI @ MADE + a Deee-Lite record, curated by Venus X. Ashley loves her some Lady Miss Kier.



Shopping With Ashley Smith At FYI @ MADE [NYFW]

There’s a reason that “model-off-duty style” is A Thing. Models literally spend their days getting dressed in fantastic things for photoshoots, and thus they’re obviously knowledgeable about what’s cool, what’s next. They also annoyingly look good in everything. And so, when it was time to shop at FYI @ MADE, MADE’s exceedingly chic retail pop-up at Milk Studios, we decided to enlist the help of our very favorite gap-toothed Texan: model Ashley Smith.

Smith has taste that’s both sexy and idiosyncratic, perfect for MADE’s cavalcade of young designers. Read on for her tips and tricks so that you can also have the aura of a blonde, Deee-Lite-loving goddess. The FYI pop-up ended yesterday, but watch out for these clothes in stores and online. I am very prepared to go into debt for them.


“I like this kind of fake glamour, with the plastic pieces and fake fur. I’m always drawn to pink, furry things. My inner club kid comes out! It’s messy, but in a glamorous way.”

Purse by MAISON the FAUX

Barragán Blouse

“I like the material. It’s stretchy, so for curvy girls like me, it’ll show off your boobs really well. And I love to show my shoulders, I think it’s really sexy. These cutouts are great, because they’re not done in an obvious way. And like the shimmer. It brings back high school for me. It’s girly in a way that’s edgy.”

Shirt by Barragán.

Nasir Mazhar Bag

“I really like this bag because it goes with this ‘70s vibe that I’m feeling, but it’s also ‘90s. I’m dead for this whole ‘70s meets ‘90s thing right now. Like Deee-Lite! I play them every time I DJ. It’s like my essence, my soul!”

Nasir Mazhar bag, curated by Venus X.

Vintage Top

“I like that it’s a bustier top, I think it would be really flattering. And I love that it’s kind of like cowhide. I’m from Texas, so it seems to make sense.”

Vintage top, curated by Venus X.

The Blonds Corset

“The Blonds has always been one of my staples. Their clothes look really good on my figure. I wore them to the first time I went to Miami Art Basel, and everybody couldn’t keep their eyes off me. It just made me feel good! I’m really into silver metal lately, I’ve been wearing it more than gold lately. This material is so Vegas, like a ‘90s top that Paris Hilton would wear. So obsessed.”

Corset by The Blonds.

The Blonds Bustier

“I’m really obsessed with grommeted holes, and things that look like S&M chokers. I’ve always been a big fan of Zana Bayne and things like Bond Hardware. This also looks like it would be good for boobies. Just another extension of my soul!”

Leather bustier by The Blonds.

Steven Wine Bangle

“I’ve been really into pearls lately, especially these kind of irregularly-shaped ones. It screams something classy like Chanel to me, but I love putting it on ripped denim like this and making it a cuff. I would love to wear two of these with a big choker and a leather bustier top, it would be amazing. When I was younger, I always wanted to start a brand that was ‘Trash Glamour,’ to spray paint Vans gold and get holes in the toes. I love that kind of stuff.”

Steven Wine bracelet, curated by Patricia Field.

Etienne Deroeux Dress

“It’s obviously a very chic dress, but by making it out of sweatpant material, it’s cool and more street. I think it’s very important for everything to have the best of both worlds. For example, if someone puts me in a wedding dress when I’m shooting editorial, I act really tough. So I like this contrast.”

Dress by Etienne Deroeux.

Photos by Jocelyn Silver.

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