Today, we had the pleasure of hitting up FYI @ MADE, the new retail spot at Milk Studios, with none other than John Early. Below, find out what particular pieces caught the comedian's eye—and how he felt about each.



Shopping with John Early at FYI @ MADE [NYFW]

“My goal recently has been to dress more like Ann-Margret—Bye Bye Birdie—like sweet, ‘50s Ann-Margret,” comedian John Early told me this afternoon. It was a beautiful moment (in my opinion), an intimate moment—and made all the more intimate by the fact that an ear-splitting “smack that pussy ho,” one of Future’s many incisive refrains, was nearly causing me to go deaf.

Early and I, you see, were hitting up FYI @ MADE, the fleeting—but not to be missed—retail bonanza currently going on at Milk Studios, for a quick shopping excursion. And as you might imagine, amidst the bonnets and the single sleeves, the decorative rock handbags and Nelly Furtado cassette tapes, Early did not have a hard time fulfilling his sartorial goal. Below, find out what particular pieces caught his eye—and how he felt about each.

69 Hat

“I’m lookin’ for my denim.”

Hat by 69.

Nelly Furtado Cassette

“I saw Nelly Furtado live when I was 14. I love her.”

Nelly Furtado and Blood Orange cassette tape.

Andrea Jiapei Li Blouse 

“Love this. Very first season and last season of Pan Am.”

KF top by Andrea Jiapei Li.

The Blonds Jacket

“We have arrived,” and then, “I look like a gay-roach.”

Jacket by The Blonds.

Jody Morlock Stole


Jody Morlock White Fox Stole, curated by Patricia Field.

Tumblr Bag

“It’s me on the go; it’s very…I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

Bag by Tumblr.

3D Printer

“Can we move beyond 3D printers?”

formlabs 3D printer.

Barragán Thingamabob

“Are these anal beads or a choker?”

A something or other, made by Barragán.

Barragán Shirt

“I’m buying this. Kate’s gonna be furious.”

Barragán Shirt.
Barragán Shirt.

Chromat Cage Bustier

“This is good for any event, like a christening or window shopping.”

Patent Garter Cage Bustier by Chromat.

Planet X by GHE20G0TH1K Shirt

“I wish this said ‘diva’ and not ‘choke me.'”

Planet X by GHE20G0TH1K shirt.

Vintage Escada Blazer

“It’s very Edina Monsoon at the office.”

Vintage Escada Blazer, curated by Venus X.

Photos by Rachel Hodin.

Stay tuned to Milk for more shopping escapades and Fashion Week content.

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