Prince was a master of all instruments, including shade.



Sipping The Tea: Celebrate Prince's Funniest Moments Of Shade-Throwing

Prince Rogers Nelson departed this astral plane for a better, more purple planet on April 21st, and we’re still devastated. The man was a virtuoso across so many mediums: he was a genius songwriter, a master guitarist, a fashion icon, a sexual dynamo. He was good at so many things. He was also truly excellent at throwing shade. Prince could subtly insult with the best of them (ahem, Mariah Carey), basically inventing the subtweet. Because as everyone on the internet knows, Prince could not be played. With the help of brilliant Instagram account The Art of Shade, a catalogue of The Greatest Shade of All Time, read on for the rock star’s greatest moments in tea sipping.

Prince vs. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

When Prince was on The View in 2012, Joy Behar asked him about a new wave (at the time) of young musicians, including Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. His response was not only shady, but priceless. He said, “Well, different strokes for different folks. I make music, soooooo.” The tea has been steeped, and it is strong.

Prince was very anti-lip syncing throughout his entire career, and doesn’t like to associate with anybody who he thinks lip syncs. In an iconic 1998 BET interview, he said, “It’s not memorax. When I go onstage my microphone is on.” 

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Prince vs. Madonna

Madonna and Prince have a rocky history. The two dated in 1985, and collaborated on a duet, “Love Song.” Prince has publicly dissed Madonna, and said at a 2007 concert in London, “I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me, I got more hits than Madonna’s got kids.” It’s one thing to diss Madge, but don’t drag Lourdes into this!

Madonna didn’t speak highly of Prince either, and once said that he wouldn’t eat on dinner dates–he would just sip tea. Literally and figuratively. This is too perfect. Prince sipped his tea once again on VH1, when a video of Madonna was playing in the background, and he asked, “How much longer?!” No chill. The duo settled their feud in 2011, and Madonna has been publicly grieving on social media.

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Prince vs. Kim Kardashian

You know how Taylor Swift brings up the girl squad at the end of her concerts? Well Prince enjoyed doing that, too. Usually he invited celebrities like Jimmy Fallon or Questlove onstage. In 2011, Prince played Madison Square Garden, and asked Kim Kardashian on stage to dance. Dedicated viewers of KUWTK know that Kim’s biggest fear is dancing in public. So she went up there, but sort of awkwardly shook her head, “no,” and laughed. She played herself, because one simply doesn’t just say, “no” to the Purple One. He looked at her and said into the microphone, “Get off the stage! Welcome to America!” Harsh, but fair?

Prince vs. The World

In one iconic shady Prince moment at the 1995 American Music Awards, where a load of famous singers gathered on stage to sing “We Are The World,” Prince was front and center, sucking on a lollipop next to Quincy Jones. When Jones moved the microphone towards Prince’s face, he shoved his lollipop in the legendary producer’s face, then yanked it away. A classic way of saying, “Suck it,” without having to say anything at all.

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Prince vs. The View

Prince made a surprise appearance on The View in 2010 to say that he was in New York and was playing a concert in the city. Throughout the entire segment, The View co-host Sherri Shepherd looked like she was having an outer body experience, finally exclaiming, “You don’t understand Prince! I have wanted to make love to you my whole life!” In true eccentric fashion, Prince got up, and threw his hands in the air, and left! Fleeing from fornication.

Shepherd is just fine with the whole thing though. In a stand-up routine, she said, “I didn’t care because I got to feel him, smell him, touch on his leg! I just molested Prince! On The View!” Later on, Shepherd went to the concert, and he gave her a shout out and invited her up to dance. Beef. Squashed.

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Stay tuned to Milk, because we still miss Prince like crazy. 

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