It's time to meet Roll Safe, the hardest fake grime rapper around. He's the star of your new favorite mockumentary, #HoodDocumentary, and he's ready to take on the streets.



Sit Back and Watch This Skepta-Approved Grime Mockumentary

Have you ever sat for hours wondering what would’ve happened to Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley (of Beverly Hill Cops for the uninformed and joyless) if he’d quit his job as a cop in Beverly Hills, packed up, and moved to London to pursue grime rapping? Luckily, we now have our answer and his name is Roll Safe, or Reese if you’re referring to his “government name.” If you don’t already, then you should probably get to know him; R.S., the lead role in a new mockumentary called #HoodDocumentary, is kind of a big deal seeing as he’s a triple threat singer/dancer/actor. Over the past year, a devoted camera crew has been following him around as he navigates the mean streets of Britain in his signature look—a leather jacket, no shirt, and a gold “Africa” pendant.

Played by Kayode Ewumi, the Nigerian-British actor who created #HoodDocumentary alongside his lifelong friend Tyrell Williams, the film follows R.S. as he struggles in the streets to convince people that he’s the next great rap star and convince a job center that he’s been offered the role of James Bond. Two episodes appeared on the duo’s YouTube page before BBC caught the Roll Safe bug and brought him into the booth for Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth series, which feels like you’re watching a car crash in slow-motion while listening Iggy Azealia at the same time.

From there, grime legends Skepta and Stormzy showed fan love in a Vine, after which the show got picked up by BBC 3 for a six-episode webseries. That’s good news for everyone because, from the outfit to the complete lack of swagger, R.S. is the perfect caricature of that friend you know who swears they are a swaggy hard-rapping star. Well—that, or he’s just the human embodiment of everything that’s wrong with Justin Bieber’s awkward embrace of the rap community.

From the two episodes of the BBC 3 series that’ve been released, we’ve watched R.S. take a girl with a boyfriend out to dinner for her birthday, try and fail to rap for his family, and get put in his place by his mom. We don’t know what’ll happen next but we know that whatever it is, it’ll finally show why R.S. is the hardest rapper in the streets.

Stay tuned to Milk for more grime music. 

Images via HoodDocumentary.

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