Sita Abellan Drinks Orange Juice To Survive Jet Lag [NYFW]

Ultimate “techno princess”  and MADE favorite Sita Abellan made quite the entrance at the Adam Selman show at MADE New York. Known for her showstopping style, Abellan, a model and DJ, consistently serves incredible ’90s and anime-fused looks. But while she blew up after a murderous appearance in Rihanna‘s “Bitch Better Have My Money” video, Abellan is so kind and friendly, even while battling jet lag. We caught up for a hot minute.

How’s your Fashion Week going?

Well, I’m really tired, because I just arrived yesterday from Japan. [Laughs] But everything is good, I’m having fun.

Woah! What were you doing in Japan?

I was working for Diesel. So I went there for just two days, walking in their show, and that’s why I’m really, really tired.

Oh my god. Well, what are you looking forward to at Fashion Week? Are you modeling, are you DJing?

I’m DJing some parties. I’ll be playing at the Jeremy Scott party, and then I don’t know what else. [Laughs] I don’t know if I’m working or not, but I have some options. And then just going to shows.


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How do you get through jet lag?

I don’t know. [Laughs] I just drink a lot of orange juice, and water, and I try to sleep when I can.

But do you ever sleep during Fashion Week?

I love to sleep! But during Fashion Week, I just do it when I can.

What do you like about Adam Selman?

They make a girl look really cute, I love it.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Marie Tomanova.

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