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Sky Ferreira Takes On The Haters And Misogyny In Music

Britney 2.0 in the making-turned-indie queen Sky Ferreira has a history of long waits when it comes to releasing music. It’s completely understandable given the documented troubles with her record label, incredible modeling campaigns, and various film roles. But despite Ferreira’s kickass ventures that prove her triple threat prowess, online trolls still give her shit about not releasing her upcoming sophomore record, Masochism, fast enough. This time, Ferreira is letting them know that their gratification does not matter.

Last night, in a Kanye-style Twitter stream of consciousness, Ferreira set the record straight on the so-called “delay” of Masochism–but don’t call it that. She rightfully defended her slower creative process and cleverly reminded trolls that she never gave a confirmed release date for the album, which means there was no “delay” to begin with, before acknowledging her excitement for the album.

She then spoke out about the negative connotations of the words “rant” and “delay” when they’re used in regards to herself and women in the music industry. In a now-deleted tweet, Ferreira responded to a fan by stating that too many people associate the word “rant” with a women simply speaking her mind.

Unfortunately not just journalist but far too many ppl RT @tragedyfetish@skyferreira“rant” is just music journalist for “woman talking””

— Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira) March 21, 2016 (via Stereogum)

This thought echoes rapper Azealia Banks’ thoughts about the word “rant.”  In the past, through her now-deleted Twitter (R.I.P.), Banks has pointed out how media outlets take her tweets on different topics, whether meaningful or offensive, and call them a “rant” to create a juicy story. Her fans have since taken note.

She then ended her series of tweets with a retweet from the stream of consciousness king himself, because nothing caps a conversation like Kanye.

The use of certain words in stories about women, especially those in the music industry, plays into the bigger issue of how they get treated by the media as a whole. The visionary FKA Twigs declared that an interview with the Sunday Times may be her last after the interviewer asked shallow questions about her relationship with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson rather than her art, something which a male artist would be less subjected to. Female musicians often call out the media’s insensitive questions about the origins of their music. Icelandic legend Björk said it best: “Everything that a guy says once, you have to say 5 times.”

Sky Ferreira: Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Model. Online Troll Slayer. We’re digging her new position.

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