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Smell Like A PB&J With Too Faced's New Palette

Meet the love child of comfort food and cosmetics: the new Too Faced peanut butter & jelly-scented makeup palette. The smell is what’s really important here, but the colors are great, too. And they’ve all got fun themed names, like “spread the love,” and “Jammin’.” The palette isn’t available for purchase yet, but it really took us back to a time on the school bus, passing strawberry-flavored lip gloss around. In honor of said nostalgia, here are some other scented cosmetics to feed your hunger.

GlaMER Lips Pumpkin Lip Scrub

While it may not be Pumpkin Spice Latte season, you can smell like all year round. GlaMER Lips‘ lip scrub is an organic product that you use to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, only you get to smell like a pumpkin afterwards.  The color definitely resembles a traffic cone more than a creamy coffee drink, so it’s probably best that this is just a lip scrub and not a lipstick.

PSL in a pot
PSL in a pot.

Kings & Queens Cinnamon Orange Body Milk

Props to whoever invented anything to make you smell like cinnamon buns and orange slices at the same time. Cinnamon orange body milk by Kings & Queens has created a lotion so luxurious, that it even says that the ingredients are “enriched with the royal mix.” Yas kween.

It has words in French on it so it must be fancy.
It has words in French on it so it must be fancy.

Too Faced (again) Chocolate Palette

Chocolate is now something you can put in your face, without the post-consumption-calorie-guilt. This chocolate scented palette, “Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar,” also by Too Faced, not only smells exactly like chocolate, but comes in cute packaging that looks like a chocolate bar. Again, they nailed it with the themed names for the different colors, including “Haute Chocolate” and “Black Forest Truffle.”

If only it were edible too.
If only it were edible too.

Lip Smackers

Yo, other makeup brands, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Lip Smackers had the best scented makeup of all time. With Lip Smackers, the possibilities were endless: they had ice creams, skittles, sodas, and more. It forever set the bar for the scented makeup that we know and love. Orange Fanta flavor forever!

The OG scented makeup that smells like childhood.
The OG scented makeup that smells like childhood.

Stay tuned to Milk for more lip-smacking goodness.

Images via Seventeen, Mise Beauty, Too Faced, and Lip Smackers

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