Smoke Weed Every Day With Snoop's New Site

Snoop Dogg wants Merry Jane to be your main thing. That’s not a typo; Merry Jane is Snoop’s new website dedicated to, well, the real Mary Jane. The website aims to meld weed culture with digital media, thus bringing stoners and bougie tech heads together in a way that probably feels new and strange at first, but ultimately worth it in the end. Much like the cronuts or the trap remix to “Little Einsteins,” it’s another one of those things we didn’t know we wanted until it happened.

If there’s one thing Snoop Dogg is known for, it’s his love of all things sticky and icky. If there’s two things, it’s for weed and his luxurious hair (Our one qualm about Straight Outta Compton? Snoop Dogg’s lack of pig tails.). But definitely rounding out the top five would be his daring business models. The rapper turned entrepreneur is known for investing in everything from weed delivery startups to comfy slippers. During a talk at TechCrunch Disrupts, Snoop said that he tends to look for “something fun. It’s gotta be something different and amazing…first and foremost, that’s what I associate myself with.”

From what we know so far, Merry Jane definitely meets those requirements. This isn’t the sort of thing that your cousin Luke threw together for lolz one night. Snoop and co founder Ted Chung were aiming for something “authentic and sophisticated.” Merry Jane is most interested in giving a realistic and expansive look at weed culture and dispelling the bs fed to you by after school specials and concerned moms.

Hence web series like Deflowered, which takes a look at people whose lives were positively impacted by Miss Mary Jane. The first episode holds nothing back as two soldiers discuss how they would’ve been consumed by PTSD were it not for weed. Original content also includes an in depth weed survey to help college freshmen first timers discover the perfect strain for them, as well as a cooking show where chefs cook up tasty edibles. Will it be as high stakes as Chopped? We can only hope.

There it is kids. Weed is offically the new gin and juice, so grab your nearest weed man and celebrate. According to Snoop, Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus are already on board. Consider us on board too.

Visit Merry Jane here

Photos via The Guardian, CFox, and Panda Whale.

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