Let's be real, the houses were great but the weird celeb personalities were the real gems.



Snapchat Is Where The Magic Happens: They're Bringing Back MTV Cribs!

MTV Cribs was a televised treasure trove of not only beautiful houses, but also the bizarre, eccentric, but mostly hilarious moments inside celebrity-owned mansions. The show had an 11-year lifespan, and when it came to an end, MTV lost a significant slice of its magic (“this is where the magic happens,” said every celebrity on every Cribs episode when giving MTV a tour of their bedroom). Thankfully, however, the magic of Cribs is back—and in true 21st century fashion: via Snapchat! You’ll be able to watch the show on one of the Snapchat Discover channels, where celebrities will post snap stories of their abodes from their POV. Launching sometime in June, the Cribs revival, while certainly something to look forward to, also has us feeling a bit nostalgic about some of the best Cribs moments from days of yore. 

While you worry about your pet hamster, Akon will worry about his pet tiger. 

Everybody can appreciate Akon. If you don’t love him for turning infidelity into a cute little ditty, then you probably, at the very least, appreciate him for his unreal appearance on Cribs. Awash in white, his home is extremely modern, and quite beautiful and impressive on its own. But then things go from zero to 100 real quick when he nonchalantly reveals his pet white tiger. Even crazier is that he owns two. When asked about his tigers, Simba and Tony, by TMZ, Akon simply stated, “I’m a cat person,” which seems like a bit of an understatement when you are living with two exotic animals that are capably of killing you. To each is own, Akon!

Mariah Carey bathes in towels and works out in couture.

Anything involving Mariah Carey is absolute gold, but particularly the Cribs episode that features her luxurious New York apartment. This episode is teeming with so many highlights, we’re not even sure where to begin. While escorting us through her pink, purple, and butterfly heavy apartment, for instance, Mariah picks up her cat, only for her Jack Russell (née Jack) to leap up, bite the cat’s tail, and drag that poor kitty down. Mariah screams and an animal fight ensues. She moves on, and decides to change before showing us her next room, the gym. Appropriately, Mariah emerges in a strapless LBD and four-inch heels—because what other outfit could possibly scream “elliptical” as loud and clear as this? But the moment to top all Mariah moments has to be when she dips into her bathtub while wearing her towel, brings her dog in for some extra oomph, and proceeds to talk about how she likes to do forget about the world. Same, Mariah, same.

Redman shows off his nasty home.

Oh, Redman. His Cribs episode is arguably one of the best episodes of all time, despite the mess in every crevice and corner of his home. Viewers everywhere were left with a plethora of emotions—guilt, confusion, shock, and amusement—as well as a plethora of questions. Namely, “Does this guy really live this way?” And, “Is this for real?” Apparently, yes, Redman did live that way—and yes, it was all very real. From the shoebox-as-impromptu-bank, to his “walk-in” closet (dubbed a walk-in because you could step in and step out), to his poor, poor cousin.

In case you don’t remember, Redman, after stumbling on his passed out cousin, pointed to the camera and casually said, “Oh yeah, that’s my cousin right there! He be knocked out. Right here, chillin’ in the cut.” Since it’s Cribs, this shot comes complete with some back-and-forth panning, as well as a couple fade effects—except here, it all feels extremely off-putting, mostly because the subject in question is not some gratuitously large fish tank, but an unconscious man. Good news is: Sugar Bear, the elusive cousin, is alive and well. He’s featured in Redman’s second, and slightly refurbished, Cribepisode.  

We’ve all got a little bit of Sugar Bear in us.

50 Cent’s six-kitchen home. 

Once upon a time, 50 Cent lived not in bankruptcy but in an extremely lavish Connecticut compound, complete with six kitchens. SIX! Who needs that many kitchens? Apparently 50 does. The rapper goes on to show us his exclusively Vitamin Water fridge, his living room, and of course his bronze statue of two naked women that he enjoys stroking. Then, 50 goes outside to feed his koi fish and show us his sensitive side. “Look! They love me!” he exclaims, with a big gaping smile, to the tune of Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.” Awww.

Ja Rule

We all love to poke fun at Ja Rule, and his Cribs episode gives us even more reason to. Things get kind of weird when Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel both make cameos, but as a whole, the episode goes pretty smoothly. It’s only after the episode aired that the shit really hit the fan. Because—plot twist!—it wasn’t even Ja Rule’s house! Classic Ja. But if you think about it, it’s actually quite impressive that Mr. Rule was able to remain so confident and natural while giving the world a tour of a home that wasn’t even his. What wasn’t impressive? The 600-person party that they held at the home and the fact that Cribs apparently didn’t get the real homeowner’s permission to film the show—all of which resulted in an ugly lawsuit. 

Photos via MTV Cribs.

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