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Snapshot: Behind The Scenes with DJ/Producer Duo Tale Of Us at Coachella

Imagine experiencing the privilege of performing at Coachella not once or twice, but three times within a four-year period. For Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte of DJ/producer duo Tale Of Us, that’s an achievement that’s been unlocked as of last weekend. When the two techno titans aren’t captivating festival crowds, they’re busy spearheading their renowned label and party imprint, Afterlife. Launched in 2016, Afterlife has since evolved into a global entity that fuses art, fashion and of course music – with a weekly residency at massive Spanish club, Hï Ibiza. Matteo and Carmine aren’t your conventional electronic music suppliers. They’ve managed to add emotive seasoning to their vivid production and much to the delight of their listeners (we stan).

Follow Tale Of Us as they navigate through Coachella madness via their exclusive Milk photo diary, and get to know the guys more in our interview below.

You’re no rookies to the festival circuit, particularly Coachella. Though this is your third time performing at Coachella, what made this time around so thrilling?

This time was particularly special. We played twice in the Yuma Tent, at an after party at Zenyara and also at Do LaB. Each set was different, and we enjoyed them all a lot. Also, just exploring the Coachella site, checking out the art and hearing artists outside of our scene is always fun.

For those of us who haven’t experienced your sets, tell us how you bring the Afterlife concept into such a tight window such as at Coachella.

Afterlife is a separate thing from our Tale Of Us sets because at our Afterlife shows, we are also responsible for the way the venue looks and sounds, the choice of venue itself, the programming of the lineup. It is a more complete expression of ourselves. However, of course at our Tale Of Us shows we are also playing the same kind of music, a lot of which is from the artists on the Afterlife label.

How did Afterlife come to fruition and how has it evolved since its inception?

We wanted a platform for ourselves to perform and release music with complete freedom, and also a platform to showcase the talents of other artists, both musical and visual. Since Afterlife began in 2016, we have continued the Ibiza residency every year, developed the worldwide events with innovative productions, pushed the label to release artist albums as well as the EPs and, in general, we have slightly broadened the scope of the Afterlife sound, which can be seen in our bookings for Ibiza. We will keep evolving so it all stays fresh for ourselves, for our fans and for the artists who play for us.

Regardless of where you’re from or based, the ambience of the city no doubt affects your artistry to a certain measure. How has Berlin fed your creativity as artists?

Berlin fed into our creativity a lot. The atmosphere and aesthetic of the city, the nightlife, the artists and labels based there, and more. However, we have recently both moved to Lisbon to begin a new chapter. So far it has been a great place to relax and enjoy our time off.

In what ways do you influence each other? How has such impact played a part in your music?

We spend a lot of time together so have influenced each other plenty over the years. It could be anything from a book we recommend, or music, a film or even just our moods. Our individual visions have been closely aligned for a long time though, so the key is more about what we create together.

On a side note, you both have ties to the fashion world. In 2017, you collaborated with menswear designer Boris Bidjan Saberi for NYFW. How did that come about? What’s next by way of fashion partnerships?

We both like Boris Bidjan Saberi’s clothing a lot. So, after we met Boris and his team, it was a very natural process that led to the Afterlife x 11 by BBS capsule collection. The close attention to detail of his brand is something that we appreciate and try to do in our own way as Tale Of Us and with Afterlife.

Images courtesy of Damiano Alessandri

Stay tuned to Milk for more photo diaries.

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