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Snapshot: Go Skateboarding Day

Travel alongside our Milk.xyz contributors with Snapshot, our new photo diary series. This week, Ella Jayes and Andres Norwood celebrate Go Skateboarding Day on the streets of NYC.

Last Friday, adidas Skateboarding and 20-year-old New York native, Tyshawn Jones, (Thrasher’s 2018 Skater of the Year) hosted Go Skateboarding Day. The event took place at Coleman SkatePark in the Lower East Side, under the Manhattan bridge, as trains rumbled over the ledges, jumps, rails, and a cement pyramid situated in the center of the park. 

It’s hard to believe that a few hours before the event, Parks and Rec were draining the slopes with massive yellow hoses; the clouds and rain cleared up just in time. Like a modern-day Roman Coliseum, skaters hurled themselves down ramps and a yellow-painted hubba as spectators watched, and the emcee prompted different competitions: “Who wants the money? All the female skaters to the pyramid now!” The crowd included videographers like William Strobeck, parents yelling at their kids to keep their helmets on, and onlookers from across the country. Jones led hundreds of skaters to the infamous “E” shaped rooftop at New Design High School, where the event continued. The roar of hundreds of skaters sailing down Pike Street caught the attention of store owners and tourists as they stopped to capture the seemingly never-ending stream of people on wheels. 

We caught up with Na-Kel Smith, who followed along on a Citi Bike; he’s currently on the mend from a  skating related ankle injury. When asked his thoughts on the event he exclaimed quite obviously, “It’s Go Skate Day – it’s the best day of the year.” 

In case you missed out, check out photos from Milk’s very own Andres Norwood in the slideshow above.

Stay tuned to Milk for more skate culture.

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