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Snapshot: Queer Liberation March

Travel alongside our Milk.xyz contributors with Snapshot, our new photo diary series. This week, photographer Andrew Boyle documents the Queer Liberation March in New York City, a return to the protest roots of the original gay rights movement. 

While a huge portion of New York City spent Sunday at the World Pride Parade, a much smaller group of NYC queers took to the streets for the Queer Liberation March, an organized return to the activism of the original Gay Rights Movement of the 70s and 80s. Rejecting the corporate “rainbow spectacle” of the mainstream Pride Parade, the Queer Liberation March was a move to reclaim the act of protest, and stand up for community rights, especially those of trans POC members. Hosted by the Reclaim Pride Coalition, this march was the first of many. Check out our slideshow above for a full visual recap of the day’s events by Milk fam photographer Andrew Boyle.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Pride coverage.

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