Social Media is Getting Weird: Yelp for People + Tinder Gets Creepy

Yelp for people, super likes, profile vids, stalking, and strange buttons – we’re not sure what exactly is going on in the tech world after last week. To help sort through the clutter, we’re laying out an update of innovations, additions, and general techy things that made us feel weird.

Peeple App: A Burn Book for Social Media

Remember Lulu, the app that let you sit around, sip wine and drunkenly give awesome shallow reviews of guys? Well a similar idea is resurfacing with the app Peeple, which is said to launch in November. Its kind of like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tinder got together and had a baby. A scary mean demon baby. Like reviews on Yelp or Foursquare, the app lets you rate people – not food or emotionless objects, people – on a scale of 1 to 10 based on personality, professionalism, and romance. The unsettling part is that you don’t need the app to be judged on your entire personhood and soul. If someone has your number, they can rate you. It’s an anonymous review system, but we anticipate the app will cater to the same breed as Lulu – drunk jokes and crazy vengeful exes.


Super Like on Tinder

This week Tinder unveiled the ‘Super Like’ button, which lets you tell someone you’re extra down. It’s a small edition to the app but has apparently been wildly successful, with over 3 times as many matches. Three cheers for more sexy time!


On Facebook

Aside from the weird hoaxes drifting all over Facebook about false privacy change, the site did actually make some changes. You can do a lot of random things, like temporarily change your profile picture and set the duration to an hour, day, or week. You can also make your profile picture a video, and set featured photos. The latter function lets you choose which pictures show up first on your feed so you can bury tagged photos as deep as the Internet will physically let you.

Going stra8 2 my prof
Going stra8 2 my prof

Insta-Stalking just got serious

This app, appropriately named Instasnoop, is potentially the creepiest stalking app yet; so many people are going to install this and hide for shame. You can scroll back weeks and years into creeper heaven without worrying about accidentally liking a picture. You can zoom in on pictures and look into the eyes of someone you hope to never see ever in your life. And finally you can “ghost follow” accounts, so that the user doesn’t know you’re secretly zooming in on their pictures and sweating trying to avoid accidentally double tapping that picture from 120 weeks ago.


Netflix and Chill button

As we reported earlier, Netflix made a button with automated settings to dim the lights, call take out, and put on a set program. They pretty much turned the metaphorical mood switch into a literal tool, so you can nix the Netflix and get to the chill even faster.

To sum up this week in tech – the Burn Book is real, you might get laid more, and you can now dive head first into Instagram stalking without fear.

Photos via TechCrunch

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