Did somebody say revenge? Well, they will in Sofia Coppola's new film! *sips tea*



Sofia Coppola Is Making A Feminist Revenge Film, Get Amped

Sofia Coppola’s films radiate girl power, as evident by her past works like Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides; she creates interesting, three-dimensional characters for women, something that’s sadly lacking in Hollywood. So it was no surprise to hear that Coppola will be creating a film about teenage girl fueled revenge for her next feature. It’s a remake of Clint Eastwood’s The Beguiled, starring Nicole Kidman and frequently-used muses Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst.

The original plot follows a wounded Union soldier who seeks refuge at an all-girls school near Confederate turf. The solider begins to heal, but not without charming each of the young women at the school, thus causing some serious shade tossing. Coppola’s take on the film gives it a refreshing rendition, contrasting the prior plot line by putting the girls in control of the situation. The girls make the solider subject to their repressed sexual desires. Shit hits the fan when he tries to leave, and a revenge plot unfolds. There’s no doubt it’ll be badass and probably pastel-filtered.

The Virgin Suicides themes definietly going on
Expect some The Virgin Suicides themes to definitely be going on.

As for now, there’s no word on who will play the beguiler (or in this case, the beguiled) solider. It’s said that the people in charge of casting are looking for a “Chris Pratt type.” We’re unsure about whether that means lovable oaf Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt, or ripped, badass Jurassic World Chris Pratt, but either way, we’re down.

Photos via Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere (2010) and The Virgin Suicides (2000)

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