"Soft", created by snowboarder Christian Haller and filmmaker Kris Lüdi, stands for "sense of feeling things."



"Soft" Is An Honest Portrayal of Life Spent In The Snow

For the last two years, snowboarder Christian Haller and filmmaker Kris Lüdi have been collaborating on their latest project called “Soft”. Now available on Vimeo, “Soft” stands for “the sense of feeling things,” and visually, it draws you in just as it describes: to moods, emotions, and a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t necessarily be articulated in words—rather, it has to be felt.

According to Haller, “Soft” is here to “wake up emotions, to express a close perspective of snowboarding, and translate it in an audiovisual way.”

Safe to say that the pair has accomplished all that, and more. Watch the full film above for a fresh point of view on snowboarding.

Film created by Christian Haller & Kris Lüdi

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