"All men are created equal, but social media will sure as fuck rank them later in life."



Some Nerve: Let's Talk "Microfame"

I am literally, so nervous, 100% of the time. If I’m not nervous, it’s just because I forgot that I actually am indeed nervous. Or I’m sleeping. But be fair: how could I not be?

The world we live in is fucking crazy. Donald Trump has us liberals jumping through enough political hoops to put LeBron James to shame (I know that doesn’t quite make sense but sports are hard), Nordstrom is selling $425 jeans with fake mud on them, and Justin Bieber’s singing really good shit in Spanish. I’m nervous AND confused.

So each week, I’ll be sharing what’s making me shake in my boots, with the idea being that there’s always a solution. This week, I’m looking for a solution to what I’m dubbing as microfame. Andy Warhol once said: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Sort of true, sort of not. Instead, everyone’s become a teeny, tiny bit famous for an elongated period of time, or they have random, reoccurring spurts of 15 seconds of fame. Ok, not everyone, but anyone with a smartphone and a pulse can be a thing, if they so choose. Any time you walk into a room filled with people even one-friend-removed from yourself, there’s a solid chance they’ve lurked your page before. Right? Right. You might not quite be Kim Kardashian (for some of you that’s a newsflash; I apologize), but your reputation–or at least aesthetic–precedes you.

So what’s the problem? We’re a bunch of assholes, and none of us know exactly where this is going. The democratization of fame has been a double-edged sword; trans girls in middle America are getting scouted via Instagram by major modeling agencies in New York and LA, which is fucking awesome. Artists are connecting. Families are keeping in touch. My cousin got a puppy. It’s chill.

Simultaneously, awful people with really nice asses are quitting their day jobs to sell slimming teas to hordes of followers. There’s this new middle ground where everyone and their mother are taking pictures of themselves that would once be considered soft-core porn (it’s also sort of been the democratization of porn stardom, if you think about it) and writing positive, pseudo-activist related captions to disguise their thirst traps. Our generation’s become so rife with attention needing disorders that it’s become the norm, perhaps even encouraged.

Also, if you love your body and want to show it to the world, that’s fucking brilliant. No problem. I literally do the exact same thing, but not as well as most of you. I’m not coming for any individuals, but am more so baffled by how this is now happening en masse. So how do we deal with this thing that we all criticize but simultaneously worship? All men are created equal, but social media will sure as fuck rank them later in life. Maybe every time you reach for your phone, stop and think about something that you fucking love about yourself. Fame comes and goes, but the fact that you use your unlimited metro card to swipe in homeless people in the subway is forever.

 Featured image via Celebstop

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