"My father is a man who uses pure fiction to undermine the media."



Someone Made A Lana Del Rey Song Using Ivanka Trump Quotes

The Trump era has no doubt inspired some pretty great comedic material. From protest posters straight out of Mean Girls to lucrative concert donations and the revival of ‘SNL,’ there is no end to the creativity people have when it comes to protesting the current administration. In the latest installment of Trump-admin mockery, Ivanka Trump is asked one simple question, “Does it trouble you that there are a lot of people who are fearful of your dad’s presidency?” The video then launches into what you can usually expect from a Lana Del Rey music video. Except…it’s not Lana Del Rey at all.

Indie singer Amber Coffman has presented us with the parody to end all parodies: Ivanka Trump quotes sung in the signature style of Lana Del Rey – crooning vocals, hazy video effects, and all. The song is aptly titled “My Father”, and captures the same dark, moody vibes that have become signature to every Lana Del Rey music video. Some standout quotes from the video include “My father is an enormous problem for this country, but my father is my father and it’s not my place to tell him not to be who he is,” and that Trump is “fundamentally incompetent on a global scale.” We can’t argue with that.

Though the video is utterly hilarious and spot-on when it comes to recreating Lana’s brooding tone, the video also shines a light on how complicit Ivanka is in her father’s administration.

The indie artist behind the video, Amber Coffman, spoke with EW News in May to discuss her debut solo album, City of No Reply, and to talk about the nature of political activism in the age of Trump.

“The election of Trump — we’ll just call him ’45,’ I guess — was the result of decades of complacency,” she said. “When you’re not vocal or if you hold back, it doesn’t necessarily encourage others to stay aware and get involved.”

“It’s a tricky thing to navigate,” she concluded in the interview. “I do think the best thing for me to do as an artist is just to try to make as much as I can and try to offer the best parts of myself to the world.”

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Stay tuned to Milk for more Trump administration mockery.

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