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Somewhere Nowhere: The Brand That Dares to be Loud

Rex Lo and Elly Chang are the duo in low-profile and simple clothing that create designs of quite the opposite aesthetic: limitless in color, and varied on multiple levels, Somewhere Nowhere’s varied hues and styles are reflective of their audienceone that, similarly, doesn’t shy away from expressing all of their own colors. In a time where the individual is repressed by larger society, the individual pushes on with a defiance. Somewhere Nowhere is the brand for that individual. Read on to hear about the brand’s beginnings, its future, and Bruce Lee fighting monsters in pink attire by Somewhere Nowhere.

Somewhere Nowhere—what does this name mean to the two of you?

It’s reflects our indecisive personality.

Where did this all begin?

In 2012, we founded Somewhere Nowhere in London after we graduated from London College of Fashion. We started off as a spare time hobby with making handmade small accessories like key rings, pouches and clutches. We’ve set up an online shop and also started selling on multiple online platforms.

Later during winter, we have decided to fully commit to Somewhere Nowhere while the fashion industry was living the post-McQueen era, we reckon the market or typical individuals was lacking some sort of “fun and colour”. It’s like you’ve been through a depression for a while and needed a boost for the change.

We have launched our first clothing collection in AW 2012 and two years ago, we left London and returned home to Hong Kong and set up a studio in Aberdeen.

Outside of the brand, how would you two describe your styles?

Our style is quite contradicting to what we do with Somewhere Nowhere. We are low-profiled and simple. Black is our first colour of choice.

What was the hardest obstacle as designers and brand owners that you two had to overcome?

Time management. There’s so much to do with such little time. Be efficient and remember the priorities.

If your clothing brand was put turned into a film what would it look like? What would it’s narrative be?

Imagine Wallace and Gromit style stop-motion animation. A storyline just like “The Game of Death” with Bruce Lee dressed in pink and fighting his way to the top of the pagoda with monsters in our clothes, furry and colourful. We know it doesn’t sounds right, but it is the way we do it and we love Bruce Lee so much.

What would the soundtrack to that film be?

Remember the theme song from Wallace and Gromit’s “A Grand Day Out” episode where they picnic on the moon? Cheerful and uplifting, It’s something that makes you smile because it reminds you how silly the story is.

Clothing is incredibly transformative to how a person experiences their own self or their environment. What do you hope the person who wears your designs feels when they walk the streets in your apparel?

We hope our followers aren’t afraid of colors, texture, layers. They are the ones who are comfortable to take risks and be different than others. To be who you are isn’t the easiest way of living these days.

Having started your brand in London and then later moving the studio to Hong Kong, how would you say the international appeal influences the brand?

Being in London, it gave us the confidence to work on whatever we like and basically it taught us that everything is possible. There’s always room to learn from mistakes and be whoever you are. Moving away from London to Hong Kong makes us realise there’s always restrictions and limits and having a free mind is always helpful in this realistic city.

What can we expect to see next from Somewhere Nowhere?

We have projects involving art directions, styling and photography upcoming soon. Somewhere Nowhere is not only about clothing; it can be anything.

Stay tuned to Milk for more emerging designers. 

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