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1/24 — Rodarte



Rodarte's Rock & Roll Vampires

New York Fashion Week is slowly (or quickly, depending on how much coffee you’ve drank) coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the fun is over. As super-photographer Sonny Vandevelde shows us with his Rodarte pictures, the best is saved for last.

Ever since Rodarte’s inception in 2005, Kate and Laura Mulleavy have proven, season after season, why they became the go-to designers for it girls who aren’t afraid to wear stand out like Kirsten Dunst and Chloë Sevigny, and SS16 is no exception. With every look as immaculate as the next, everything in the sisters’ collection screams glam-rock-meets-Victorian-vampires. From the blue sequined suit (a la Bowie in ‘Life On Mars?’), to every ginormous fur jacket (which are meant to party hop from a suite at the Chelsea Hotel to Studio 54 circa 1973), and enough velvet and lace to make Interview With the Vampire seem laidback, Rodarte’s newest collection takes the kind of sartorial exuberance characteristic in their designs and adds a punch of Brian Eno, Prince, and Blondie.

Yet, surprisingly, the collection’s influences were not necessarily found in music, but in romantic poetry instead. From Emily Dickinson to Leonard Cohen, Rodarte’s spring/summer looks are about the feelings evoked from the poetic words of these legends. With the models strutting to music by Electric Light Orchestra, the show blended rock and roll with poetry – making for a real live dream. Thanks Mulleavy sisters – we won’t be able to think about anything else ever again. We’re even considering marrying whoever just so we can make this collection our wedding registry. Anyone wanna buy us those orange and yellow curve-heeled booties? We’ll DM you our address…

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