Sophia Lamar: Sex and the City Ruined Everything

Sophia Lamar is a legend. She’s been going out in New York for the past two decades, first with Michael Alig and the club kids, lighting up the downtown scene with her trademark style and irreverent humor. She’s an artist, an acclaimed actress, and the ultimate nightlife host. We caught up with Sophia at the Adam Selman show to chat about how Sex and the City ruined fashion week, and where she likes to go out these days.

How’s your fashion week going?

I’ve become more separated from fashion week because it’s become a spectacle. There are bloggers, Sex and the City, people who don’t know anything about fashion, they just follow labels and hype, they’re only looking for parties. So I’m actually growing apart from fashion week, to tell you the truth.

So what makes you come to this show tonight?

Well, I love Adam, he’s a friend of mine. I go to a few shows, and this one is more like a family affair.

Do you see fashion week in general as kind of like a family reunion?

Yeah, I know a lot of people, and they’re people I don’t see anymore because they went on different paths in life. I’m happy to be here, to tell you the truth.

Are you looking forward to anything else this week?

I don’t look forward to anything else.

Have you seen changes in the way fashion week is structured?

Absolutely! Like I said, I think Sex and the City ruined the whole fashion week. People come now and get a hotel, they feel like “fashionistas-“ I hate that word. But it’s definitely changed a lot.

You’re a downtown icon. Where’s your favorite place to go out these days?

My new place now is this place in the East Village called Berlin. But I’m gonna ruin it, because I’m telling everybody now!

Photo by César Segarra. Check him out on Instagram and Twitter

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