People got a little too excited after pot was legalized in the Silver State.



SOS: Nevada is Running Out of Weed

On Friday, a state of emergency was declared by Nevada governor Brian Sandoval. The state’s marijuana dispensaries are running out the greens. Try not to panic.

Just over a week following Nevada’s legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1,  distributor licensing issues have led to a supply shortage amidst very, very high demand. As a result, Sandoval is proposing an emergency regulation to the state’s Department of Taxation, which would loosen sale regulations and make it easier to obtain a license to sell cannabis.

According to Vice News, the Nevada Department of Taxation has reported over 40,000 sales in the state’s 47 retail marijuana stores, and the Nevada Dispensary Association has approximated industry-wide sales of $3 million within the first four days of business.

While dispensaries had stocked up in preparation for high demand, many of them sold twice as much as they had projected. Needless to say, people lost their shit when they could legally get their hands on some Mary Jane.Not only is this weed shortage rather unfortunate for eager consumers, but it could also result in stores going out of business and many jobs lost. With that said, fingers crossed for Nevada and for all the weed aficionados.

Source: Vice News

Images via Vice News, featured graphic by Jordan Levinson,

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