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Space Fashion? Bag From the Moon Goes for $4 Million

Forget the classic Birkin, the newest Céline, or even the dopest, most obscure find from a vintage store. For just a few million dollars, you could own the ultimate, one-of-a-kind, collector’s piece: a bag from the moon.

The pouch, used by none other than Neil Armstrong during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, is filled with actual ~moon dust~ and is expected to sell for $4 million at a Sotheby’s auction next month.

The multinational art auction company just announced the pouch as the ~star~ of their first Space Exploration-themed auction. The auction, set for July 20, will be held on the 48th anniversary of the legendary Apollo 11 moon landing.

During the mission, Armstrong used the bag to collect the very first samples of ~moon dust~ and rocks from the surface of the Sea of Tranquility region on the moon. According to Sotheby’s, traces of ~moon dust~ and small rocks are still laced into the bag’s fabric. A literal space-bag!!

When Armstrong returned to our planet, he gave the pouch to a lab in Houston, who forgot about it and lost track of it over time. So how did this gem even resurface? Two years ago, Chicago attorney Nancy Lee Carlson randomly bought the bag for $995 and sent it to NASA for testing. Queue MAJOR space beef.

NASA refused to return the pouch to Carlson, stating that it belonged to the agency. After a subsequent legal debauchery, Carlson won back her pouch and handed it over to Sotheby’s. Needless to say, NASA is pissed. 

So don’t miss it! Pull those $4 million out of your ass and get your hands on this high-demand moon bag.

Source: Huffpost 

Images via Tumblr, Sotheby’s. 

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