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Squidnice Isn't Gonna Drop 'The Craccen' Unless You Beg For it

Squidnice likes to keep his fans on edge, but when he delivers, he doesn’t hold anything back. Take “Trap By My Lonely”, for starters: after riding the viral wave for over a year post-release, Squid finally took it upon himself to drop the accompanying vid, and, unsurprisingly, it blew up. Add to that three more hit tracks (that’s “OMG”, “Still”, and “Lit Now”, for the uninitiated), and it’s safe to say this Staten Island rapper is set to take his sound off the island and onto a much larger stage.

MILK.XYZ spent the afternoon with Squid and his homies to get the word on his upcoming EP, The Craccen (you better believe it’s not coming until the demand is undoubtably there), the Staten Island scene, and why he paints his nails; check the full interview, and the vid for “Trap By My Lonely”, below.

So “Trap By My Lonely” came out over a year ago and you just realized the vid this summer. What made you decide to bring that one to life versus another track?

It’s a song that everybody is still going crazy about. It still has so much traction…people always knew me as the kid who made that song. So I felt like it wasn’t given justice with just a Soundcloud link, you know? You kinda gotta see what my life’s like.

Did you shoot it in Staten Island?

Yeah. Like right where I usually stay, actually.

Dope. And when is the EP gonna drop?

The EP’s gonna come out very shortly. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, you know what I’m saying. I want my fans and everybody to really show me that they want it. Without that, I don’t really have a reason to put it out just yet, because it’s not really demanded. It definitely is demanded but I want people to go crazy. ‘Cause the way that they were going before, I wanna see more of that.

How do you take the temperature of how people are feeling and how much they want new music?

Social media, definitely. Seeing what people are asking for and what people are looking at. The video is circulating it’s own amount of views, too, so that’s another reason for me to just let that rock. A lot of people who hadn’t heard of the song are now starting to see the video.

What kind of reactions have you gotten for the video so far?

People like the lighting, the grunge look, it looks kind of old school but new school at the same time. That’s my neighborhood, so you see what I live like, what’s behind the Soundcloud link. People saw that I actually brought my actual homies out for the video. Before, people were scared that they would get in trouble just for being in the video but you gotta just put that aside.

In trouble for what?

Well everybody’s scared that they’re gonna get caught up by the police. Everybody in the hood has that mentality. It’s not even like that…if I can get on stage all the time and not get arrested, it’s all good.

You had a show last week, right? How was it?

Man, probably the best show I’ve ever had in my entire life, I’d say.


I crowd-surfed for the first time in my life. But also, people were starting to know the words to almost every song, I didn’t even drop a song, and people knew most of the words to that.

What song was that?

“The Crackin’”. So I’d been giving huge snip-its out of it, and it was really crazy to know that people had actually been watching those snip-its.

I feel like that’s the demand that you’re looking for.

Definitely. I’m gonna give them like an ultimatum, like, “Give me this many likes and I’ll drop it” [Laughs]. That’s always my M.O., my go-to, like if Instagram really wants it, Instagram will ask for it.

I feel like people ask for new music constantly, like you’ll drop an album and the next day it’s like, “We want more!”

That’s why I’m not giving people the music all the time. ‘Cause then they’re just gonna keep demanding music every week. I’m not gonna post stuff every week. Some people oversaturate themselves, you know? I’m in it to be here forever. That’s why I did the “Trap By My Lonely” video. ‘Cause I already had a video, and to be honest it was very, very low budget, but it was cool ‘cause it showed my neighborhood, my friends, just me being happy and fun, and at the same time, lonely, as the song states. I knew I needed to make a professional video, and do it big for this, ‘cause it’s bigger than just a song. I want people to really see.

What’s the scene like out there for rappers in Staten Island? Is that the “lonely” part?

Oh hell no! [Laughs] There’s too many fucking rappers on Staten Island. I feel like everybody walking up to me spittin free style and I’m like woah, woah! I’m not here for that. But I definitely feel lonely being the only lit rapper. Not gonna lie. I do have my friend Fortunato, I got my homies that I chill with. Besides that, I feel like ain’t nobody really lit in the whole Staten Island music front. And a lot of people just don’t rep Staten Island, that’s the issue. Like Mack Wilds is from Staten Island [Laughs] that’s our biggest claim to fame—we got Mack Wilds! And Wu-Tang, but besides that…nah. The thing about Staten Island is that they don’t allow you to make it. So much hate in Staten Island. I’m surprised I’m not dead. Seriously, I’m surprised they don’t try and kill me just for being famous.

And you still live out there, right?

Yep, right in the heart of it.

And then I know you’re also working on a mixtape, right? Are you working on two projects at once?

No, I’m done with the EP, completely finished with that, just holding onto it like a caged lion. Like a dungeon dragon. And then the tape I’m still working on it, ‘cause I want it to be the most perfect mixtape that you’ve ever heard in your life. It’s going to be so amazing. I want people to be like, “I wish I could hate on this kid, but I can’t.” That’s how I feel. It’s going to be so good that you can’t help but like it. ‘Cause I’m Squidnice.

So between working on both of those things, do you feel like you’re in the same mindset or style or have they changed?

Style never changes. Mindset…of course that shit changes about every day. I really am not even thinking the same as I was thinking last week, ‘cause I’m thinking, I gotta be ahead of everybody. So in order to do that, your mindset has to change all the time. Because once somebody catches on to your mindset, that’s how they’re gonna start to think. I’m very influential, not even just with music but in life. A lot of people hear me or speak to me and then walk around trying to be like me. I notice it so I just adapt and change up what I’m doing.

You don’t want a bunch of copycats, I guess.

Nah, can’t have a bunch of kids looking like me. I had dreadlocks for a good two and a half years, dyeing them not dyeing them, and now everybody has it, I be cutting mine. I’m not gonna claim that I started dreadlocks but I was a big part of the group who put that into the culture. I started getting my nails painted like a couple months ago, I was not seeing anybody before do that, now I’m seeing it everywhere. I’m talking about straight men, who have their nails painted. Straight up. I feel like I’m one of the starters of that. Paying me homage type shit. It takes a lot of confidence that shit. Everything I do takes a lot of confidence.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Staten Island talent.

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