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Start Your Own Village With Muji's Tiny Huts

Ever wanted the joys of tiny New York living without any of the New York? We’re talking single bedrooms, minimal space, and unfinished furnishings that your landlord can write off as a conscious design choice, all without the knowledge that your neighbor is cheating with the kids’ tutor.

Gotta love those paper-thin walls.

Muji’s got the answer to your prayers. Known as the IKEA of a perfect alternate universe where everything is high quality and actually works, Muji is all about simple, minimal design. To show off just how basic they really are, they tapped designers Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, and Naoto Fukasawa to create tiny huts for all your tiny needs. After all, all needs are tiny in the eyes of the universe.

The Muji Hut Project was heavily inspired by the Japanese idea that minimal living is the greatest aid to a healthy mind. Existing in a space free of clutter creates a sense of peace and simplicity. In a world where every other city is grossly over populated, this seems like the perfect getaway.

So if you need some peace in your life and just so happen to have $25,000 just lying around, consider investing in a Muji Hut. In fact, buy an entire village of huts. Because while one is nice, nothing is quite as peaceful as creating your own tiny nation and dropping off the grid entirely.

Images via The Richest, In Habitat, Muji, and Dezeen. 

Visit Muji’s website and pick out your house here

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