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STAYCOOLNYC Is Your New Favorite "Chill-Wear" Brand

ICYMI: Retro-inspired chill-wear brand STAYCOOLNYC is back with its most eclectic collection to date. STAYCOOL founder Amin Adjmi emphasizes the importance of a consistent and vibrant aesthetic that falls in line with its specific brand identity, clothing, and overall vision. Comprised of a variety of pieces such as T-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, hats, beanies, and socks, this collection will take you back to your childhood with props such as tike basketball hoops, VHS tapes and more.

Milk sat down with STAYCOOLNYC founder Amin Adjmi to talk more about his creative process, current collections, and future goals for this rising brand. Check out the throwback inspired pieces and look book on STAYCOOLNYC.

What is the creative process like when developing a unique collection like STAYCOOLNYC?

I pull a lot of inspiration from retro or visual pleasing things and categorize these specific pics in a folder. The goal when creating a collection is to just pull as many references as I can, and eventually, it’ll all come together as one full collection. I break it down to how many pieces per collection, but regardless of the amount, I will always pull inspiration from my childhood, Pinterest, or things I pass on the street. The amount of inspiration is limitless, but the collection will always come out full and complete.

Specifically, what differentiates this Retro-inspired brand, with a typical streetwear brand?

Great questions- I would stay there are a couple different things. First, the identity and aesthetic behind STAYCOOL is one that’s unique and connected. The clothing, imagery, content, is all under one big umbrella for the STAYCOOL brand. I feel like STAYCOOL has a true, and distinct identity that will definitely lead me to more long term success- the people who follow the brand truly like the brand because of its easily distinguishable originality. Certain brands are trend based, or considered “cool” because they were worn by influencers, but I’m not running on that. I want people to truly love the aesthetic, idea, and the meaning behind STAYCOOLNYC.

It’s a correlation of colors, shapes, embroidery, etc., that mark and strongly define STAYCOOLNYC’s identity.

Tell me about your new drop.

A lot of the inspiration and references come from my childhood specifically- in a nostalgic way. For example, the B-ball sweatshirt reminds me of the little tike courts I used to play with when I was a kid.

I wanted to showcase how my references from my childhood has become one complete collection that everyone can connect with on a deeper level.

The photoshoot for the collection came out awesome. I wanted to show my audience that every embroidery, style, and item has a specific meaning and inspiration behind it. It took a lot of time and effort because everything is well thought out and I really wanted everyone to realize that there is a point to every item and prop used in the shoots.

So what’s next for STAYCOOLNYC?

Going with the flow to be honest. But my goal? My goal is continue to grow- keep taking steps to grow. I want to eventually expand my brand into something more than clothing. Weather that’s me opening up a STAYCOOL diner where the aesthetic of the brand and the identity is pictured and shown in a physical space like a diner. Another goal is to eventually open up a STAYCOOL motel.

The overall goal is to expand more than just a clothing brand, and I think I’m on my way there.

What’s your advice for people who want to start their own clothing brand?

Think outside the box. Write your ideas down on paper and continue to be inspired until you fall in love with what differentiates your brand with a typical brand. Just go for it, and do your best- what else could you really ask for?

My last advice is to not listen to people who put you down. When someone is doing something, in any field, there will always be people who are sceptical. Use those negative comments and people as fuel to flourish into something greater.  

Stay tuned to Milk for more cool clothing.

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