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Step Inside Sandy Liang's Cozy, Edenic World [NYFW]

Today, Sandy Liang showed her SS17 collection—her seventh collection to date. And though certainly still a young designer, Liang has somehow managed to thoroughly hone her aesthetic. So much so that not only is there a clear, consistent style to her designs, but there’s also a distinct, unmistakable girl that embodies Sandy Liang—and even a fully furnished and decorated home in which this girl resides. And today at her MADE New York presentation at The Standard High Line, Liang offered us a glimpse into this fully refined world.

“It’s always about the same girl, and the same attitude, and I’m always inspired by the same things,” she told us. “[I’m] always looking at whatever I did before, and sort of building on top of that.” It’s a business savvy approach to her label and, you could argue, the reason she’s been able to build such a distinct and unmistakable aesthetic for her label in such a short period of time. And if her SS17 collection is any indication, she’s clearly sticking to this business model; the offerings today fit her effortless, Lower-East-Side-ilk-of-pretty mold. The same as always—but better, and that’s all we could really ask of the Manhattan native.


We Spied… 

A handful of models that we’ve featured on our site, that just so happen to be among our favorite models too. Namely, the artist and illustrator Sara Rabin and May Hong, who starred in our Sorelle editorial, “Bodega Queen.”

It’s in the Details…

Details were aplenty, and each one was a crucial component to both the presentation and the Sandy Liang world. There was the set, which comprised blue velvet Milo Baughman-looking chairs and a shaggy, burnt orange rug courtesy of Coming Soon NY. There was the languid styling—coats were worn hanging off the shoulder, as if thrown on in a rush to leave an unfamiliar home the morning after. And the delicious props—glasses of rosé champagne—that the models were cupping. Each was an essential component to Sandy Liang’s edenic, paradisiacal world, in which shearling coats abound and you can afford all the stuff in Coming Soon, the aforementioned LES store and safe haven.

SS17 🙃

A photo posted by @sandyliang on

Adding to Our Shopping Lists… 

Her staples, which were all in attendance, including an angelic jacket that was a confluence of white, light pink, and light blue fluffy sheepskin. But also a pair of jeans adorned with scintillating jewels and earrings, and the leopard faux fur coats—a new offering for her. “I feel like every season, I’m getting more and more comfortable with ready-to-wear,” she told us.

Fleur de Need…

Excuse the cheesy subtitle, but to be fair, it does encapsulate how we felt about the exquisite flower arrangements. They came courtesy of Birch Floral, and included a whole bunch of beautiful bright orange and peach colored flowers that we don’t know the name of, but would like to know some day.


We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

To Dimes and Kiki’s and all the other LES spots for which nice, expensive clothes worn in the nonchalant, careless way you’d wear cheap vintage is an unspoken (but also uncompromising) requirement.

Photos by Andrew Boyle.

Gifs by Bonnie Wang.

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