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Strut Down The Pews: Welcome to the High Heel-Shaped Church

Is God sharing a closet with the devil? It truly seems that way judging from a new house of worship that’s turning heads—and rolling ankles—in Taiwan. A sleepy seaside town in the country has grabbed the hearts of the Internet because of their…creative take on church architecture. The ice blue church stands at 55 feet tall, 36 feet wide, and it’s made out of 320 pieces of tinted glass. It looks like the high heel one of your girlfriends lost in Bushwick trying to hail a cab back to the LES.

That isn’t the strangest part, though. In addition to having a giant glass church in the shape of a high heel, the people who built Cinderella’s next obsession have obviously been watching a few too many Stefon skits on SNL. The mystical church is also touting a total of 100 female-oriented features, according to The Daily Mail. Only 71 have been finished thus far, but worshipers everywhere can expect the hottest party on Taiwan’s eastern coast. This church has everything: maple leaves, chairs for lovers, biscuits, cakes, and more. Someone call up Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte, because we’re ready for Sex and the City 3: The Girls Take Taiwan.

Glass Shoe Cinderella Church Is Online
Blahnik? Choo?

This weird architectural monstrosity isn’t aimed at getting God to slink down her leg and see if the shoe fits. It’s actually an elaborate scheme to attract female churchgoers blinded by blue glass and the promise of some of the Lord’s love. The design can be traced back to a religious tradition that requires a bride to wear high-heels to shatter some tiles and sweep away the pieces before joining the groom’s family.

Come for the marvelously weird architecture and stay for the surprise performance of “Take Me To Church” by a Taiwanese all-female Hozier cover band. No religious affiliation has been disclosed, but it’s expected to open before the Chinese New Year, which falls on February 8.

Images via Disney and The Daily Mail. 

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