Pink hat or career booster in disguise?



Study Says Wearing Color Makes You Rich and Happy

It’s a day of grief and despair for all-black-everything fanatics. In a recent study by Case Station, a survey found that people who wear more color are more likely to get a pay raise and a promotion, and a colorless closet may be costing you.

Today, the Telegraph reported that in a study of 18-34 year olds, roughly 20% of participants said a pop of color gave them a work place boost. The study also concluded that wearing color makes you 25% happier and a solid 14% more creative. Stripes, hounds tooth, and funky patterns galore make you more imaginative, according to 27% of the surveyed workforce. We’re skeptical to conclude that a yellow paisley shirt automatically elicits a pay raise, but wearing color may increase confidence and in turn performance. It makes sense too. Colors carry subliminal messages – those golden arches are golden for a reason – and its not too much of a stretch to think the colors you wear shift how your coworkers perceive you.

Ehhh, could be more successful with some color
Ehhh, could be more successful

But will we sanction slimming blacks for blushing reds and cadmium yellows? Does all black everything exclude a pay raise and a lifetime of happiness? Is it time to whip out the Cosby-esque dad sweaters? Probably not, but until we know for certain, a little color couldn’t hurt.

For skeptics, here’s the full breakdown.

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