New Study Shows Stupid Drunk Behavior Might Be Genetic

We all have “that friend.” You know the one; they’re most likely to get a drunk and disorderly, a ticket for public urination, or accidentally start a fight at the bar. It’s a friend who goes from normal to astonishingly smashed in just a couple of drinks.

Snake juice.

Well, now your crazy friend who you’re afraid to introduce to your family might have a great excuse: it’s genetic! New research from Finland shows that there might be an identifiable gene mutation “which renders carriers susceptible to particularly impulsive and reckless behavior when drunk.” Previous research had already linked impulsivity and a variation of the serotonin 2B receptor gene, HTR2B. But, scientists at University of Helsinki Psychiatry Clinic, who worked with the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, wanted to see how the variation would respond when exposed to alcohol.

You’re welcome, Aubrey. – Love, Alcohol

For the study, 170 people self-reported their drinking habits, personality traits, aggression and impulsivity when both drunk and sober. Fourteen people in the study had the gene mutation. The results showed that those with the mutation were more likely to be the friend you’re a little ashamed to be with when drunk — on a darker note, they’re also more likely to drink and drive, and have symptoms of mood disorders.

So basically, next time you find yourself pretending you don’t know someone due to their sloppy drunken behavior, just remember it might not be their fault! It’s all in the genetics!

Stay tuned to Milk for more updates, because we like alcohol. 

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